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What Is One for All? – Everything You Need to Know About the Quirk!(MHA)


What Is One For All? Who Was the Previous One For All Users? How Many Quirks Are There in One For All?


Top 10 Most Powerful Characters of Class 1-B in My Hero Academia(MHA)


I'd like to introduce you to the students of Class B, who have excellent abilities that are second to none to the students of Class A. I've ranked characters by strength and summarized their personalities, so please take a look!


Does Shinso Get Transferred Into the Hero Course? What Is His Quirk?(MHA)


Does Shinso Get Transferred Into the Hero Course? What Is Shinso's Quirk? I will explain them to you.


What Is Black Whip? Does Deku Have a New Quirk? My Hero Academia(MHA)


My Hero Academia has unveiled a new quirk for Deku called Black Whip.
What is Black Whip? and How Strong is Black Whip?

Top 10 Cutest Female Characters in My Hero Academia!(MHA)


My Hero Academia has a lot of attractive characters, but this time I focused on the "cuteness" of the characters and made my own cute female character ranking!


TenSura: Who is Milim and What is Her True Identity?


Milim is one of the cutest female characters in TenSura. However, looks can be deceiving as she holds incomparable strength within her tiny frame. Who exactly is she? Milim!

Top 10 most popular characters of Tensura in Japan[Ranking]


Who are the most popular characters in Tensura: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime? Read to find out.

shion death

Tensura: Shion's Death and Resurrection Explained!


Shion returned from death and became the strongest demon "Wicked Oni" in TenSura. How did Shion Die? How did Shion resurrect?

Top 30 Most Popular Isekai/Reincarnation Anime in Japan [Ranking]

2021/9/29    , ,

A Japanese anime geek recommends the top 30 most popular isekai aka reincarnation anime in Japan.


Spoilers for the Water Gate City Priestella Arc from the light novel! Re:Zero's third season!


One year has passed since the battle in the Sanctuary, and Subaru has been training to become a knight of Emilia. It was then that Anastasia invited Subaru to the Water Gate city of Priestella.

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