Human Instrumentality Project in Neon Genesis Evangelion - Explained!

Human Instrumentality Project
Evangelion anime series is one of those legendary anime that can be watched fifty to sixty years in the future and still be enjoyed by the viewers.

It is a perfect blend of Sci-Fi and certain biblical concepts. 

Watching the anime was so much fun for me. It introduced a wide range of concepts that were worth pondering upon.

One such concept that came up in the plot quite a few times was the "Human Instrumentality Project."

And if you're wondering what the project is even about (because let's be honest, it is a little hard to comprehend), then you're in the right place.

I will explain the project in detail further in the article. Keep reading to know more. 


This article contains spoilers for the Evangelion anime series. Read at your own risk.

What Is Seele?

Seele in EvangelionIf you've watched the anime, you must have come across a group of twelve (faceless) individuals called "Seele" who seem to have a higher authority than NERV as a whole. 


But who are they? What are they doing in the anime? Why do they send Nagisa Kaworu to make contact with Adam, held captive in the NERV basement?

According to the Neon Genesis Evangelion TV anime, Seele is a group of individuals with authority over NERV as they work to bring about the Human Instrumentality Project to success.

They are an ancient group that had started as a religious organization. They are influential throughout the world and have higher authority than the Government in most cases.

The exact members who make up the Seele is a mystery, as they only appear in the show as monolithic figures with <Seele Member # Sound Only> marked over them. 

The high-ranking personnel from NERV seem to report back to Seele about the progress in the Human Instrumentality Project. But the progress with their research was slow.

Growing impatient, they send Nagisa Kaworu to NERV to hold Adam's soul in himself and then merge with Lilith to bring about the Third Impact, thereby successfully finishing the Human Instrumentality Project.

Why Does Seele Want To Execute The Human Instrumentality Project?

Seele wants to execute the Human Instrumentality Project to unite all of humanity to become a single entity.

By becoming one, humanity can share their pains and gains, thereby erasing the insecurities that come with weaknesses. 

Seele believes that humanity is not supposed to exist, as humanity came from Lilith. Earth was originally supposed to be inhabited by Angels only, who came into existence from Adam. 

So Seele wants to return the world to the way it was supposed to be by becoming one with God Himself.

Seele is in possession of an ancient text called the "Dead Sea Scrolls," which predicts (or depicts) the impacts caused by the merging of Adam and Lilith. It also predicts that Angels will invade the earth to return the thing to the way they were meant to be.

What Is Gendoh's Plan With Human Instrumentality?

While the foundation of Gendoh's plan with Human Instrumentality is primarily the same as that of Seele, the ending in his plan is slightly different. 


Gendoh intends to carry out Seele's plan of the Human Instrumentality project with the condition that he be the God that the entirety of the human race unites with.

He actually wants to become Omnipotent to bring back his wife, Ikari Yui, who lost her life while testing the Evangelion. He is even willing to sacrifice his subordinates, colleague, and even his son Ikari Shinji. 

No matter the cost, Ikari Gendoh wants to reunite with his wife by becoming God, and hence he wants to execute the Human Instrumentality Project.  

What Is The Purpose Of the Human Instrumentality Project?

Human Instrumentality Project

The idea behind this project is a little bizarre and scary. Wikipedia-ish words, it is a plan to force humanity to undergo evolution by bringing the Third Impact under NERV's control. A Human Instrumentality Committee overlooks NERV's work to get the project to fruition.

Now in language that we would understand, it is basically a plan to unite all the Lilin Souls as one being, which will occur after the Third Impact.

It means that no human will exist as a singular entity and would rather exist as a part of the whole. 

Now being one also makes people share their strengths and weaknesses. Everything belongs to everyone, regardless of their will (strongly reminds me of communism, but let's not go there). 

To successfully complete the project, Lilith must be revived and merged with Adam to cause the Third Impact. Only Lilith is capable of the creation and destruction of existence at will. 

The project's primary purpose is to unify every individual soul into a single entity to become a part of God like humanity is meant to be. While all of this might sound like nonsense to some, it is actually quite an interesting concept.

Evangelion is giant Robots fighting Monsters (who are called Angels in the anime for some bizarre reason), only better. So, if you can handle the pacing of the anime, you will surely enjoy the anime too.

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