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Evangelion Unit 01: Explained! Why it is special than other Evas


The Evas are sentient cyborgs— meaning that they are equal parts machine and equal parts human. However, it is implied that due to the lack of an S² engine core, these giants require an external source of energy to operate, and are therefore technically incomplete ... Unit-01 ate the Angel Leruel to gain its S² engine core

Evangelion Loop Theory: Explained!


The Evangelion Loop Theory talks about a time loop that resets the entire world after the Third Impact, over and over again. According to this theory, the movies aren't remakes but sequels set after EoE, where the world was restored with slight alterations to its original form. There are other variations to this theory...

Evangelion: What Was Fuyutsuki's Purpose? Was Fuyutsuki In Love With Yui?


Why did Fuyutsuki join Gendo and work tirelessly to bring about the end of the world with the Third Impact? Was it because of Yui? Let's find out!

Best High School Anime

Best 20 School Anime ranked by Japenese Otaku


A good portion of popular animes are set in high schools, and here are some of the best of these series. Read on and find one that you should watch next!

Best 10 Yuri Anime Ranking

Best 10 Yuri Anime ranked by Japanese Otaku


Yuri is a genre that depicts the love between women. In this article, I will recommend the top 10 Yuri anime.

Why Did Mikasa Kill Eren?

Why Did Mikasa Kill Eren in Attack on Titan?


Ever since Eren activated the Rumbling, it was apparent that the series wouldn't end without his death. However, fans were still shocked to see Mikasa being the one to do the deed. Why did she kill Eren? Read on to find out!

Human Instrumentality Project

Human Instrumentality Project in Neon Genesis Evangelion - Explained!


Human Instrumentality Project is a plan to force humanity to undergo evolution by bringing the Third Impact under NERV's control. It is meant to unite all the Lilin Souls as one being after the Third Impact.


Why Did Eren Laugh When Sasha Died?


If you are here, that means you have read chapter 105 of Attack on Titan manga or watched season four, episode eight of the anime (But just in case you haven't, the article is filled with spoilers. Read at your own risk). I mean, the episode titled Assassin's Bullet came ...

How did eren become evil

How Did Eren Become the Evil Guy in Attack on Titan?


Why did Eren become the bad guy? Eren admitted that he became a threat to the world so that the Survey Corps can kill him and become humanity's heroes.

why do titans eat people?

Why Do Titans Eat People in Attack on Titan?


Why Do Titans Eat People in Attack on Titan? Titans eat humans because of a subconscious wish to regain their humanity.

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