Sword Art Online


[SAO] Ultimate Beauty Quinella's past and purpose in Alicization


I will introduce Quinella the Administrator, her purpose, her past, and how she died.


[SAO] Ronye is the hidden heroine of SAO! What happened to Ronye after Alicization Arc?

2020/10/18    ,

Ronye Arabel was a secretly popular girl in Sword Art Online Alicization. I will introduce the charms of Ronye Arabel, Kirito's first kohai(junior) character.


[SAO] 6 Reasons why Eugeo of Sword Art Online is charming and adorable!

2020/10/19    ,

Eugeo was the main character in project Alicization Arc. Eugeo guided Kirito at important moments. I'll introduce you to the many charms of Eugeo!


[SAO] Spoiler: The ending of SAO Alicization War of UnderWorld Arc


In this article, I will explain the ending of SAO War of Underworld. What happened to everyone after 200 years.

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