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[SAO] 6 Reasons why Eugeo of Sword Art Online is charming and adorable!


Sword Art Online is a very popular light novel by Reki Kawahara. Eugeo was the main character in project Alicization Arc. Kirito spent time with Eugeo in the virtual world of the Underworld, and two became the best buddies. Eugeo guided Kirito at important moments.

I'll introduce you to the many charms of Eugeo!

What is Sword Art Online?


Sword Art Online is a popular light novel by Reki Kawahara. Set in the virtual world of the game, the story follows the main character, Kirito, as he and his friends confront various difficulties. The first season of the TV anime, "Sword Art Online", broadcasted in 2012, and the second season, "Sword Art Online II", broadcasted in 2014.

The first part of the third season, Sword Art Online Alicization, aired from 2018 to 2019. The second part of the third season, Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld, aired in the fall of 2019; in 2017, a completely new film, Sword Art Online The Movie - Ordinal Scale, written by the original author himself, was released. Now as of August of 2020, Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld part 2 is now on air.

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Who was Eugeo, the beautiful blond boy? 6 reasons why Eugeo is charming and adorable


Eugeo was the main character in the Alicization Arc. Eugeo was a boy with short flaxen hair, beautiful green eyes, and a diligent and very kind. He was slightly taller than Kirito, and although he was thin, he was muscular and often wore blue-colored clothing.


He was a resident of the "Underworld", the virtual world in which the Alicization Arc took place. Kirito and Eugeo met first in a deep forest. Kirito taught Eugeo swordsmanship, and Eugeo's swordsmanship grew to the same level as Kirito's. Eugeo worked alongside Kirito.

Eugeo can be referred to as the other hero, or as the "heroine" of the Alicization Arc. He guided and helped Kirito in key situations. Eugeo is a very popular character among fans.

Here are six reasons that make Eugeo so charming and adorable!

Eugeo's Charming Point 1: The past that took his childhood friend Alice


In the village of Rulid in the Underworld, Eugeo met Kirito and Alice, they were childhood friends. When they were young, Kirito asked for ice for his lunch, and the three of them went to a cave near Dark Territory. In this world, it was forbidden to go near Dark Territory. This was because the Dark Territory, located beyond the cave, had a rule that no one was allowed to enter.

But the three of them went to the border of the Dark Territory in search of ice. There, Alice was the only one who broke the rule by entering the Dark Territory. Because of this, Alice was taken by the Integrity Knight to the Central Cathedral in the center of the human world.


Eugeo wanted to save Alice. However, Eugeo was afraid of the knight and could not move to help Alice.

Eugeo felt so much guilt over his inability to act that he could hardly smile in front of the village people. Eugeo was a very kind, timid, and righteous boy.


Eugeo's Charming Point 2: Eugeo's Sacred Job was to cut "Gigas Cedar"

Each person living in the Underworld was assigned a job called ‘Sacred Job’, and basically, they would do the job they were given for the rest of their lives. Eugeo was assigned a vocation called 'Chopping Hand'. It was the job of chopping down the “Gigas Cedar”, a huge jet-black tree. However, the tree was so strong that generations of choppers could hardly cut it down, even if they continued to challenge it.

An ordinary person would not be able to chop down that tree even if it took a lifetime to do so. Eugeo and Kirito struggled to cut down "Gigas Cedar". Eventually, they succeeded in cutting down the tree. Eugeo was given the right to choose a new job. For years, Eugeo had been concerned about Alice. In order to find Alice, Eugeo decided to become an "Integrity Knight", the highest swordsman in the human world.

Thus, Eugeo and Kirito began their journey to find Alice.

Eugeo's Charming Point 3: Relationship with the main character, Kirito

Kirito was uninhibited and free-spirited, while Eugeo was diligent and mild-mannered. Eugeo was Kirito's friend and protector at the same time. He was also Kirito's apprentice in swordsmanship. He was taught by Kirito in the Aincrad style of swordsmanship. Eugeo's had a natural talent that Kirito's acknowledged. Kirito thought that Eugeo would surpass him in the near future.

As they spent two years together in Underworld time, the two became best buddies. Initially, Kirito's goal was to return to the real world, but after spending time with Eugeo, he changed his mind, and his changed his goal to invite Eugeo to the real world and introduce him to people who were important to him, such as Asuna, Leafa, and Klein.

Eugeo's Charming Point 4: Violating the Index of Taboo to Protect Roney and Tiese


Eugeo aspired to become an Integrity Knight in order to enter the Central Cathedral, where Alice had been taken away. Eugeo and Kirito enrolled in the North Centria Imperial Discipline Sword Academy, where Eugeo spent his days training hard. However, an incident occurred. Ronye and Tiese, who were apprentices to Eugeo and Kirito, were almost raped by a senior nobleman, and Eugeo and Kirito rescued them. At the time, Eugeo violated the forbidden taboo of "intentionally causing the loss of another's natural life".


Eugeo and Kirito were taken to the Central Cathedral as sinners. There, Alice Synthesis Thirty appeared, who had her memories sealed and became an Integrity Knight. Eugeo was distrustful of Alice, who showed no reaction to her childhood friend. Afterward, Eugeo learned that the source of all this was the Administrator. And Eugeo began the attack on the Central Cathedral in order to get Alice back.

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Eugeo's Charming Point 5: Fought to Save Alice


Eugeo and Kirito climbed to the top floor of the Central Cathedral to save Alice. Along the way, Eugeo got separated from Kirito. But he managed to defeat Bercouli, the head of the Integrity Knight, alone.

Eugeo Synthesis Thirty-Two

However, the Administrator took advantage of the weakness of his mind and sealed his memories, causing him to be synthesized as the Integrity Knight "Eugeo Synthesis Thirty-Two".

During his battle with Kirito, Eugeo regained his memories and challenged the Administrator to a fight. However, he was unable to defeat the golem created by the Administrator. Then, Eugeo decided to turn himself into a sword. Eugeo fused with his beloved sword, the Blue Rose Sword, and defeated the golem. However, the sword that Eugeo fused with was then broken in two in exchange for the Administrator's one arm.

Eugeo died in Kirito's hand.

Eugeo's Charming Point 6: Helped to revive mindless Kirito

After the fight with the Administrator, Kirito was unable to recover from Eugeo's death and fell into a mindless state. Amidst serious problems both within the Underworld and in the real world, Asuna, Sinon, and Leafa dived into the Underworld to help Kirito. However, when the three friends show up, Kirito didn’t wake up.

Even when Asuna called out to him, Kirito did not wake up. Then, Eugeo, who was supposed to be dead, called out to Kirito's mind. Kirito was awakened by talking to Eugeo and getting over his grief. Then Kirito succeeded in escaping his predicament which Poh was trying to kill him.


With his sword, the Night Sky Sword, and Eugeo's Blue Rose Sword, Kirito was ready for the final battle.
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Eugeo was a great character with a strong bond with Kirito!

So far, we've introduced you to reasons why Eugeo is charming.

Eugeo spent time with Kirito in the Underworld, and he and Kirito became what could be called the one and only buddy. Even after his death, Eugeo continued to support Kirito. It's no exaggeration to say that Eugeo was the "heroine" of the story, as he continued to support the protagonist's heart and light his way. It seems unlikely that Eugeo will return in the future, but he may appear in Kirito's mind again to encourage him.

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