Pirate King One Piece

One Piece: Top 7 Most Powerful Characters in the Series

One Piece has an arsenal of almost a thousand episodes to boast, and with it comes a myriad of characters and sub-storylines. And from a shounen anime like One Piece, there is bound to be a box full of overpowered characters. The list [...]

Best 20 Mystery Anime

Best 20 Mystery Anime ranked by Japanese Otaku!


If you're a fan of unsettling mysteries and need help picking your next watch, here is a list of some of the best mystery anime that Japan has to offer!

Top 20 Moe Anime ranked by Japanese Otaku!


Though traditionally moe animes have been about "cute girls doing cute things", the genre has since expanded to accommodate a lot more. Moe animes these days tend to center around a variety of fuzzy elements ... let's take a look at some of the best moe animes I've watched!


7 anime like Squid Game ranked by Japanese anime Geek


Here are 7 anime like Squid Game recommended for you in which the characters get involved in a dangerous game involving death. These anime might fill your loss for Squid Game. 

Best Cooking Anime

Top 10 Cooking Anime ranked by Japenese Anime Geek


With stunning artwork and a variety of sub-genres, these top ten cooking-themed animes will stimulate all of your senses to the brink.

Best High School Anime

Best 20 School Anime ranked by Japenese Otaku


A good portion of popular animes are set in high schools, and here are some of the best of these series. Read on and find one that you should watch next!

Best 10 Yuri Anime Ranking

Best 10 Yuri Anime ranked by Japanese Otaku


Yuri is a genre that depicts the love between women. In this article, I will recommend the top 10 Yuri anime.

best anime for Attack on Titan lover

Top 10 Anime like Attack on Titan ranked by Japenese Otaku


Do you want to see more anime like Attack on Titan? Here are the best 10 Anime like Attack on Titan ranked by Japenese Otaku.

best isekai reincarnation manga

Top 39 Most Popular Isekai/Reincarnation Manga ranked by Japenese Otaku


In reincarnation manga, the main character suddenly plays a big role in another world. Here are the most popular 39 most popular isekai/reincarnation manga.

Top 20 Sports Anime ranked by Japenese Otaku


We become emotionally involved with the sports anime characters and want to cheer them on. Here are the top 20 best sports anime rankings from masterpieces to new releases ranked by Japanese otaku.

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