Strongest Marines One Piece

One Piece Universe: List of Top 8 Strongest Marines

2022/11/1    , ,

Kong is the strongest Marine character on this list. The Former Fleet Admiral is currently the Commander in chief of the World Government. As a Fleet Admiral, he had complete authority over the Navy. But as World Government Commander in Chief, he commands control over all the military powers [...]

Pirate King One Piece

One Piece: Top 7 Most Powerful Characters in the Series

One Piece has an arsenal of almost a thousand episodes to boast, and with it comes a myriad of characters and sub-storylines. And from a shounen anime like One Piece, there is bound to be a box full of overpowered characters. The list [...]

Top 10 Anime that will make you cry ranked by Japenese Otaku


“Anime that will make you cry" brings tears to the eyes of the viewers as viewers feel the emotions of the main character.

Top 10 best anime movies in Japan by 2021 [Ranking]

2021/2/13    ,

Anime movies that are famous in Japan are ranked. Japanese anime geek’s recommendations for you.


Top 10 best Ghibli movies in Japan [Ranking]

2021/2/27    , ,

In this article, the top 10 highly rated Ghibli movies are introduced with plots and impressions!

Top 30 Most Popular Isekai/Reincarnation Anime in Japan [Ranking]

2021/9/29    , ,

A Japanese anime geek recommends the top 30 most popular isekai aka reincarnation anime in Japan.

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