Spoilers for the Water Gate City Priestella Arc from the light novel! Re:Zero's third season!


One year has passed since the battle in the Sanctuary, and Subaru has been training to become a knight of Emilia. It was then that Anastasia invited Subaru to the Water Gate city of Priestella.


The 30 most powerful Character ranked by author(Nagatsuki) [Re:Zero]


Which character do you think is the strongest? Actually, the author, Tappei Nagatsuki, aka Gray Cat, answered this question on the radio and Q&A site. So, based on Nagatsuki's answers, here are my top 30 strongest characters.

[Re:Zero] Who is Hector? The Melancholy Warlock is thoroughly explained!

2020/10/13    ,

Hector is stronger than the witch Echidna. Echidna's purpose in creating the sanctuary was to fight against Hector, who was coming after Echidna.


[Re:Zero] Why is Puck gone? Why is Emilia struggling to overcome the ordeal?


Why is lovely Puck gone? In order to complete the first ordeal of the sanctuary, Puck terminated his contract with Emilia in Re:Zero second season.


Echidna has a terrible personality! She has awful plans for Subaru[Re:Zero]

2021/1/11    , , ,

Echidna is not a gentle beauty. She has her reasons to help Subaru. After all, Echidna is the Witch of Greed.


[Re:Zero] Spoiler! Is Roswaal the mastermind behind the sanctuary arc? Roswaal's betrayal is explained.

2021/1/7    ,

Why does Roswaal want Emilia to be king? Roswaal was willing to sacrifice everything in order to realize the future of the Gospel and be reunited with Echidna.


[Re:Zero] Why does Roswaal have the Gospel? The true face of Roswaal revealed!

2020/10/13    ,

Why does Roswaal have the Gospel? Is he a member of the witch-cult? Roswaal was given the Gospel by Echidna.


[Re:Zero] What is the Gospel? Why do Roswaal and Beatrice have the Gospel?

2020/10/13    , ,

A Gospel is a book in which the future is written. To be more precise, the Gospels are imitations of the Book of Wisdom. The Book of Wisdom is the book written by the witch Echidna, the Witch of Greed. It describes the future.

[Re:Zero] Why does Beatrice have the Gospel? The relationship of Beatrice and Subaru!

2021/1/11    , ,

Why is Beatrice guarding the Forbidden Library? Why does Beatrice have the Gospel? and other mysteries were not revealed in the first season.This article explains the mystery of Beatrice based on the light novel.

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