[Re:Zero] Spoiler! Is Roswaal the mastermind behind the sanctuary arc? Roswaal's betrayal is explained.

Why does Roswaal want Emilia to be king?
Why isn't Roswaal always there when Subaru is in a desperate situation?
There are countless mysteries in Roswaal's actions, words, and acts. I will explain the deceptive actions of Roswaal.

You'll find out the following

  • Is Roswaal the mastermind behind the sanctuary Arc?
  • Why does Roswaal want Emilia to be king?
  • Why isn't Roswaal always there when Subaru is in a desperate situation?

What is Roswaal's purpose?



The purpose behind all of Roswaal's actions is to reunite him with his mentor, Echidna, the Witch of Greed.

His mentor Echidna died 400 years ago. Roswaal has passed on his spirit as well as his name to his descendants from generation to generation for 400 years. So the spirit of Roswaal is the same as it was 400 years ago, only the physical body has changed. Four hundred years ago, Roswaal was taught magic by Echidna and was an apprentice of Echidna.

So how does Roswaal try to reunite with Echidna? The answer involves Roswaal's Book of Wisdom. The Book of Wisdom, a higher version of the Gospel that Echidna gave to Roswaal, contains a prophecy of the future. The Book of Wisdom contains a prophecy of Echidna's eventual resurrection.

In other words, Roswaal was acting to make the prophecies in the Book of Wisdom come true.

By the way, Beatrice also has the Book of Wisdom. Why do Roswaal and Beatrice have the Gospels? What are the Gospels in the first place? If you're wondering, take a look at the following articles.

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What is written in the Book of Wisdom?


The Book of Wisdom describes the eventual resurrection of the Echidna.

To realize that the following two must be done.

Emilia to become a king.
Subaru to become Emilia's knight.

All of this was necessary for the "future" described in the Gospel. Roswaal was setting everything up so that the prophecies in the Book of Wisdom would come true.

For example, in the first season, Subaru went secretly to the royal election. Subaru was rejected by Emilia as well as the surrounding nobles and knights. When Subaru was in such a situation, only Roswaal was content. Because Subaru tried to become the "knight of Emilia". Roswaal was content as the situation developed as in the prophecy in the Gospel.


Roswaal was willing to sacrifice everything in order to realize the future of the Gospel and be reunited with Echidna. Roswaal used every means at his disposal to make Subaru "a knight” who will put his life on the line and protect Emilia, no matter what happened.

Most of the despair that Subaru had faced was orchestrated by Roswaal. It was Roswaal who was the mastermind behind the events so far and the Sanctuary Arc.

This section will explain the darkness of Roswaal’s act so far.

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What kind of betrayal had Roswaal done?


This is an explanation of the backstabbing actions that Roswaal had been doing to Subaru, Emilia, and others.

These are two steps that will lead to the resurrection of Echidna (Roswaal’s goal and aim)

  1. Emilia to become a king.
  1. Subaru to become Emilia's knight.

Subaru must become someone who will absolutely protect Emilia. Let Subaru's return from death be used for Emilia, and he will make Emilia a king.

With these two points understood, I will introduce what Roswaal had done.

Elsa was hired by Roswaal to take Emilia's badge.


Emilia and Subaru met because of the theft of the badge and an attack by Elsa.

information for anime geeks

It was Roswaal who hired Elsa, the Bowel Hunter who had killed Subaru and the others many times.

Roswaal brought Emilia and Subaru together in order to bring Subaru into his band. Roswaal prepared a difficult enemy that could not be broken through without risking one’s life to protect it, testing Subaru's abilities.

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Demonic beasts and disappearance of Roswaal were also Roswaal’s plans.


Demonic beasts attacked the village of Irlam, Roswaal's territory. However, at that time, Roswaal was out somewhere and Subaru, Rem, and the others had to deal with it. This incident was also set up by Roswaal. Roswaal knew that the demonic beasts would attack the village, but he left them alone to see if Subaru could rescue them.

Roswaal hired Elsa again to raid the mansion in Sanctuary Arc.


While Emilia and the others were trapped in the sanctuary, Elsa and Meilli attacked the mansion. The girls were also hired by Roswaal. Roswaal instructed Elsa to kill Frederica, Petra, Beatrice, and Rem (who Subaru cares about) in the mansion.

His goal was to make Subaru ready to sacrifice everything for Emilia. Roswaal pushed Subaru to the point where Subaru was never going to be able to help the people he cared about other than Emilia, and Subaru would give up. In order to do this, Roswaal hired a powerful enemy named Elsa. This was the worst possible move to break Subaru's heart.

Roswaal made it snow heavily and called the Great Rabbit “Oousagi”.

At the same time that Elsa and her friends attacked the mansion, Roswaal put even the sanctuary in danger. Roswaal used great magic to make the snowfall. The residents of the sanctuary frightened and thought that the unseasonal snow was Emilia's fault. Emilia was isolated. With Emilia isolated, Roswaal thought that her knight Subaru would desperately want to try to protect her in the ordeal. Furthermore, if Roswaal used great magic, the demonic beast, the Great Rabbit, would attack. If Subaru tried to save the mansion, the sanctuary, and Emilia it would be a tragic situation. Moreover, if Subaru didn’t clear the ordeal on Emilia's behalf, he would lose even her. Thus, Roswaal created a situation where it was impossible for Subaru to help both Emilia and the rest (the members in the mansion). He would be determined to protect only Emilia. Such an ugly aim was what Roswaal was trying to achieve.


How did the Sanctuary Arc of Rezero end?


So what happened to the conflict between Roswaal and Subaru?

Subaru wanted to help both Emilia and others in the mansion. So Subaru made a deal with Roswaal. If he can find a way to free the sanctuary and repel the Great Rabbit, also saving everyone in the Roswaal Mansion, Roswaal would abandon the Gospel and follow Subaru and the others.

A major reversal was made by Subaru's rapid progress with the help of those around him.

Subaru changed Garfiel’s mind, who disliked the release of the sanctuary and successfully rescued the mansion by adding him to his companions in the Elsa attack on the mansion.

Furthermore, the ordeal of the sanctuary was overcome by Emilia herself, who was encouraged by Subaru's confession. And the great rabbit that Roswaal called, Beatrice, who made a contract with Subaru, fought it off! And the Gospel, which was the stronghold of Roswaal, was burned by Ram.

All of Roswaal’s deceptive actions were all blocked by Subaru and his men. Also, Roswaal lost his bet with Subaru and agreed to cooperate with Subaru by signing an agreement not to harm Emilia and others.


The desperate situations Subaru had been facing were usually set up by Roswaal. He was trying to recreate the prophecies of the Gospel in order to reunite with Echidna. Roswaal didn’t care how much Subaru sacrificed for the sake of his goal. Roswaal tried to force such a way of being on Subaru.

But eventually, Subaru managed to save it all. Roswaal pledged to cooperate and not hurt Emilia and the others by vow. It's even more interesting to rewatch the anime after knowing that most of the things that have been a mystery in the previous developments were all set up by Roswaal.

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