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Who is Aqua Ruby's father? Relationship with Kamiki Hikaru

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Aqua and Ruby's real father appears

In Chapter 96, Akane Kurokawa learns about the existence of Hikaru Kamiki, a former talented actor who belonged to the theatrical group "La La Lai." Upon checking the unpublished list of rehearsal videos, Akane notices that the acting styles of Kamiki Hikaru and Hoshino Ai are similar. Furthermore, the facial features of Aqua and Kamiki Hikaru are identical, leading Akane to believe that Kamiki Hikaru is the father of Aqua and Ruby.

Aqua seems unaware of the truth In Chapter 72, Aqua reveals to Akane that he entered the entertainment world to find the man responsible for his mother Hoshino Ai's death, who is also his father. After hearing a story from his half-brother, Himekawa, he realizes that his mother and Himekawa's father, Seijuro Uehara, were having an affair, and Seijuro Uehara is already dead. Aqua seems unaware that his real father is someone else since he says, "I'm finally free" and "Now I can finally live my own life."

Aqua learns that his father is Kamiki Hikaru In Chapter 98, Aqua has been monitoring Akane's movements by planting a GPS in her accessory. He started doing this after the "Ima Gachi" show ended, in case Akane would get any information and come into contact with the criminal. Following Akane's movements, Aqua becomes convinced that the person he should take revenge on is "Kamiki Hikaru.推しの子72話父親

Kamiki Hikaru's Profile

Name: Kamiki Hikaru

Title: Representative Director of Kamiki Production

Birthday: July 27

Hometown: Kanagawa Prefecture

Height: 178cm

Other: Belonged to the theatrical group La La Lai for six years, from ages 10 to 16

Timeline of Events Related to Kamiki Hikaru

20 years ago - Kamiki Hikaru's age: 11 years old

Himekawa Daiki is born

16 years ago - Kamiki Hikaru's age: 15 years old

Ai visits Goro's hospital in Miyazaki Prefecture to give birth
Aqua and Ruby are born
Goro dies

12 years ago - Kamiki Hikaru's age: 19 years old

Ai is stabbed and dies on her 20th birthday

6 years ago - Kamiki Hikaru's age: 25 years old

Kamiki Production is established

Kamiki Hikaru fathered Ruby and Aqua at age 15

At the time Hoshino Ai was pregnant, Kamiki Hikaru was a 15-year-old junior high school student. If he is the father of Aqua and Ruby, considering that he is also Himekawa's father, Kamiki Hikaru would have been 11 years old when Himekawa was born. The background of Himekawa's parents' double suicide may involve the fact that Seijuro Uehara found out about the relationship between Kamiki Hikaru, who was a primary school student at the time, and Himekawa's mother, Airi Himekawa.

The matching of Aqua and Himekawa's father is revealed in Chapter 67, after the "Tokyo Blade" arc and the "Stage Edition" have concluded, and the story enters the 6th chapter "Private Edition," Aqua, who has been secretly collecting Himekawa's hair, privately conducts a genetic test and reveals to Himekawa that the two of them have the same father. In the actual private DNA test report, it is written that "it is highly probable that they are half-siblings with the same biological father."


The deaths of Himekawa's parents

In Chapter 68 of "Oshi no Ko", Himekawa's mother is Airi Himekawa, an actress who played the heroine in a morning drama in a fairly old work. On the other hand, Himekawa's father is Seijuro Uehara, an unsuccessful actor. According to Himekawa, Uehara manipulated talented artists and tried to deceive his lack of talent by being with talented women, revealing his complex about having no talent.

Both parents died from double suicide about 14-15 years ago In Chapter 68 of "Oshi no Ko", Himekawa's mother, Airi Himekawa, and father, Seijuro Uehara, are said to have committed double suicide when Himekawa was five years old. The real reason for their double suicide is unknown to anyone, but Himekawa seems to have some idea of what it might be. Because of this background, Himekawa seems to have disliked her father, Seijuro Uehara, even as a child.

Who is the real culprit and mastermind behind the attempt on Ai's life?

Aqua and Ruby's father is likely the person who informed the fan about Ai's address and the existence of the children and instigated them to kill Ai. In that case, this person must have been alive about 12 years ago, so he cannot be Seijuro Uehara, Himekawa's father. It seems that the real father of Aqua, Ruby, and Himekawa is the mastermind behind the attempt on Ai's life.


Since it is highly likely that Himekawa's father is not Seijuro Uehara, Himekawa's mother, Himekawa Airi, is believed to have had an affair with a certain man who is the biological father of Himekawa. Himekawa's parents are said to have committed suicide together, but it may be because Seijuro Uehara discovered that he was cuckolded. Himekawa seems to think that her father, Seijuro Uehara, was a womanizer, but in reality, it is possible that her mother, Himekawa Airi, was fond of men.

About the identities of the two people mentioned in Chapter 79

In Chapter 79, after Ruby and Akane find Goro's body, it is revealed that there were two suspicious people, a college-aged man, and a junior high school-aged boy, around the hospital on the day Goro disappeared and Ai gave birth to the children. One of them turned out to be the college student who stabbed idol Ai at his apartment, and the other was identified as the fanatic fan and stalker "Ryosuke" several years later. However, the identity of the remaining person still remains unknown.

Which one is Ryosuke: a college student or a junior high school student?


The stalker Ryosuke, who killed Ai about 12-13 years ago, is revealed to have been 22 years old at the time. Considering that Goro was killed about 16-17 years ago, Ryosuke would have been around 18-19 years old at that time. Therefore, it is believed that among the suspicious people around the hospital, Ryosuke corresponds to the college-aged man.

Is the other man Aqua and the others' father? Of the two men at the hospital at the time of Goro's murder, one has been identified as Ryosuke, but the identity of the remaining person is still unknown. If this man is Aqua and Ruby's father, he could be the same person who crossed paths with Ruby in Chapter 72. Also, based on the information that he was about junior high school-aged about 16-17 years ago, he is now thought to be around 30 years old.

Was he not actually a junior high school student? If the man who appeared to be a junior high school student at the time was Aqua and Ruby's father, he would also be Himekawa's biological father. However, considering that Himekawa is mentioned to have just turned 20 in Chapter 68, the man who appeared to be a junior high school student at the time would have been around 12 years old when he fathered a child with Himekawa's mother, Himekawa Airi.

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