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Who is Aqua Ruby's father? Relationship with Kamiki Hikaru

2023/5/1    ,

Kamiki Hikaru's mysterious past comes to light as the father of Aqua, Ruby, and Himekawa. As a young teen, he becomes entwined with Airi Himekawa, resulting in tragic consequences. In Chapter 67, Aqua's secret investigation unveils their shared father, forever changing their lives.


7 anime like Squid Game ranked by Japanese anime Geek


Here are 7 anime like Squid Game recommended for you in which the characters get involved in a dangerous game involving death. These anime might fill your loss for Squid Game. 


Is Isabella dead? Chances of her survival! [The Promised Neverland]


Isabella lost the battle with children. Children successfully escaped from the GF House (Grace Field House). After that, there is a scene of Isabella being blamed for escape in the manga, but her punishment is not mentioned in the first season of the anime. Will Isabella die? 


What is the flower stabbed in Conny's chest? How the flower is related to Gupna? [The Promised Neverland]


I'd like to explain the meaning of the flower in Conny's chest in the Promised Neverland. What does it mean? Is there any practical purpose? 


3 reasons why Yakusoku no Neverland is interesting and you must watch![The Promised Neverland]

2021/2/13    ,

The Promised Neverland is different from the usual battle manga. It has a lot of mysteries, and even adults can get hooked on it. And here are three reasons why it is interesting and you must watch.

Kimetsu no Yaiba Infinity (Mugen)Train plot and spoilers! [Demon Slayer]

Kamado Tanjiro and his friends boarded the Infinity train under the crow's orders and met up with Rengoku Kyojuro, aka "Enbashira".

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