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Is Isabella dead? Chances of her survival! [The Promised Neverland]

Do you think Isabella is killed by demons after Emma and others escaped?
Based on the manga, I will explain the life and death of Isabella !!

Isabella lost the battle with children. Children successfully escaped from the GF House (Grace Field House). After that, there is a scene of Isabella being blamed for escape in the manga, but her punishment is not mentioned in the first season of the anime. Will Isabella die? 

Is Isabella a kind mom to her children?


Isabella was a kind mom who raised children at the orphanage. But her true identity was a ruthless caretaker who provided farmed children to the demons. In this world, demons "raise" children for food. Isabella was an excellent caretaker at GF House, one of the high-class farms.

She was also originally from GF House, and her excellent performance made her a candidate for Mama, a caretaker, without being harvested.


Isabella has a lot on her mind, and while she wants to raise her children as long and happy as possible, she has always been calm and precise in her harvesting. Isabella is one of the best caretakers in the world.

She was 31 years old at the time of the prison break. Isabella's recognition number is 73584. She usually has a calm and gentle expression on her face, but she also has the expression of a ruthless caretaker, and I find that expression very scary. 

Is Isabella a perfect and excellent mom?

Isabella was the biggest obstacle for children to escape from the GF house. 

Emma and Norman, who were at the center of the escape plan, were especially great at brainstorming against Isabella. 

Isabella is the smartest caretaker. She studied all kinds of subjects to become a mom and excelled in both arts and sciences.



There was a scene where she was playing chess with a joint team of little Emma, Norman, and Ray. Even with the three of them working together, they couldn't beat Isabella. Of course, Emma and the others were still young, and in chess, the more people you have doesn’t mean more advantage. But even so, Isabella's ability to win against three children with the highest level of intelligence at the same time was amazing.

In fact, even Norman, who is considered to be a genius, remembers this moment and recognizes how scary his mom is. 

The children tricked their clever mom to escape from GF house.

Is Isabella still alive?

Isabella was such a perfect mom, but she eventually lost the battle against the farm children. 

Norman's shipment was successfully delivered, and on the night of Ray's birthday, a huge fire broke out in the house. Ray, who was thought to be in the flames, was a dummy. Isabella was desperate to get Ray's brain out somehow. In the meantime, the children escaped from the house. The children have grown far beyond Isabella's expectations.


In front of the traces where the children climbed over the wall, Isabella gracefully admitted her defeat. Her face looked relieved. However, it was a huge blunder on Isabella's part. Isabella is questioned by the demon about her responsibility, but she remained resolute that it was all her fault. After this scene, Isabella no longer appears in the story.

In the 162nd volume, we finally find out that Isabella is alive. She had become the Grand Mother. The Grand Mother is the position that unites the caretakers at the plantations. The Grand Mother receives regular calls from the caretakers and gives them instructions for shipping.

Did Isabella survive because she wanted to? Or was she kept alive by the demon? The details were not revealed until the end of the story.

However, I was very happy to see that Isabella, the mother of Emma and her family, is still alive.
I was also glad to see that Isabella finally sided with the children to fight back against demons.


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