Spoilers for the Water Gate City Priestella Arc from the light novel! Re:Zero's third season!


One year has passed since the battle in the Sanctuary, and Subaru has been training to become a knight of Emilia.

Subaru had become very close to Beatrice. It was then that Anastasia invited Subaru to the Water Gate city of Priestella.

The candidates for the king's election and their followers gathered in Priestella, the Water Gate City. They take a temporary truce and get to know each other. It was such a peaceful time, but suddenly the Water Gate City was attacked by four deadly Witch Cult Sin Archbishops.

the Water Gate City Priestella Arc is the story of a war against four Witch Cult Sin Archbishops.

Four Witch Cult Sin Archbishops!? Battle against Petelguese was already too much for Subaru.

Four of the worst Witch Cult Sin Archbishops in the world gathered together and plunge the city into despair.

The reality that Subaru faces every time is too harsh!

Subaru's allies were the candidates for the king's election and their knights. They were very reliable, but the Sin Archbishops of Deadly Sins were too strong. Subaru and his friends were fighting against the strongest enemy they have ever faced.

I read how Subaru and his friends overcame these difficulties from the original light novel, and I was really impressed with how cool they were.


Why does Subaru go to the Water Gate City Priestella? Explaining the Light Novel Volume 16

Spoilers for Re:Zero Light Novel Volume 16

Due to the battle between Garfiel and Elsa, Roswaal's mansion was destroyed at the end of the Sanctuary Arc. Therefore, Emilia and her friends moved to a distant relative's mansion of Roswaal, where Emilia and her friends stay for about a year.

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During that one year, Subaru did not die even once.

Subaru spent his days in peace for the first time since he came to another world.



At that time, they receive a letter from Anastasia. It was an invitation to the Water Gate City of Priestella.


Priestella is a water city that was sunk by the Witch of Greed long ago.

Anastasia's letter stated that a merchant in Priestella would provide the magic crystal Emilia sought.


Emilia had canceled her contract with Puck at the sanctuary. It broke the magic crystal she wore on the neck.

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Therefore, in order for Emilia to reunite with Puck again, she needs the magical stone. Subaru, Beatrice, Emilia, and the others head to Priestella with Garfiel and Otto.

There, they meet up with Crusch, Felt, and the other candidates for the royal election, who have been called by Anastasia.


Subaru also reunites with Willhelm, Julius, Reinhard, and the diva Liliana after a long absence.



However, Subaru's peaceful life was ended by one woman. She had bandages all over her body and was dressed in a black robe. She stood alone at the top of the tower and declared to the crowds in the city.


"Thank you and sorry. I am Witch Cult Sin Archbishop in charge of "Wrath" - Sirius Romanee-Conti."

The people were puzzled as she called herself a witch cult member. Then Sirius dropped a boy from the tower, screaming that

“Love is to become a one”.

Then the people saw Sirius drop the boy and got very excited as if they were watching a show.

The people were supposed to be against the witch-cult!


The people (the crowd) who saw the boy's body crushed, all shattered and dead just like the boy.

On this day, Subaru returns by death for the first time in a year.

What were the powers of Sirius Romanee-Conti, Witch Cult Sin Archbishop "Wrath"? Explaining the Light Novel Volume 17

Spoilers for Re:Zero Light Novel Volume 17

Subaru died after watching Sirius' murderous show with great enthusiasm. He died in a state of mind that was clearly strange. Subaru could not understand why he had died.

There were so many things Subaru didn't understand. Then he realized that there was very little time left until the massacre by Sirius.

He struggles to prevent the massacre by the witch cult.


Subaru asks Reinhard, the strongest of them all, to overthrow Sirius.

Sirius's fighting ability itself was not very high. Reinhard had Sirius cornered.


However, when he killed Sirius, everyone around him died, including Subaru.

Sirius' wrath power was to propagate her emotions and physical wounds around her.

The frenzied emotions when Sirius dropped the first boy from the tower and the physical wounds when that boy died were propagated to the people.

When Reinhard killed and wounded Sirius, the wounds propagated to Subaru and as a result, Subaru died. Subaru was aware of Sirius' ability. However, Subaru had no time and no way to strike.

But, he was no longer alone.

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Beatrice and Emilia, seeing Subaru's condition, reached out to him. Emilia said:

" When Subaru fights, I fight too. If Subaru tries to protect someone, I will help Subaru do it. Just as Subaru protected me, I want to protect Subaru, too. Because my Subaru looks like he's about to cry."

Subaru, along with Emilia and Beatrice, fought against Sirius, but they were cornered by Sirius' authority(ability).
In this bad situation, Regulus Corneas, Sin Archbishop in charge of Greed, appeared.


And Regulus, the Archbishop of Greed, kidnapped Emilia in order to make her his seventy-ninth wife.

To make matters worse, while Subaru was down in battle, the Water Gate City of Priestella was taken over by the witch-cult. Sin Archbishop "Lust" Capella Emerada Lugnica broadcasted throughout the city, throwing the city into chaos. Capella, Archbishop of Lust, threatened to drown the city if the witch's remains were not given to her.


Capella, Sin Archbishop of Lust, has the power to change her and others' forms at her will.

Sin Archbishop of "Gluttony”, Lye Batenkaitos, protected the place where Capella was.
Sin Archbishop of "Wrath" Sirius propagated the fear to the people in the city, creating panic.
And Regulus, Sin Archbishop of “Greed”, kidnapped Emilia to make her his wife.

The Witch-Cult Sin Archbishops had launched a concentrated attack on the Water Gate City. Under the worst of these circumstances, the candidates for the next king decide to fight against the Witch Cult.

Will Emilia marry Witch Cult Sin Archbishop "Greed" Regulus? Explaining the Light Novel Volume 18

Spoilers for Re:Zero Light Novel Volume 18

Subaru and his friends raided the city hall to retake it from the witch cult. However, it ends in failure before the authority of the Archbishops. In return for their rebellion, the archbishops make more demands. One of their demands was to marry the silver-haired maiden.

Subaru was once again determined to help Emilia, who has been taken by Regulus and forced into a selfish marriage. Emilia was taken away by Regulus and forced into a selfish marriage. Emilia was puzzled while being taken care of by his expressionless wife, who was called "Number 184".

Regulus asks Emilia a question.

"Are you a virgin? Because that's the only thing that really matters."

Her safety was at stake. Subaru's failed attempt to retake the city hall increased the demands from the Archbishops of Sin. Subaru and others’ situation got worse and worse, and the people of the city were in despair. The despair spread door to door, one after another. It was then.

"Mic test mic test, one two one."

Subaru calls out to the people.


The people hear the voice of someone who was not the Archbishop. The people mistakenly believe that the Archbishops were defeated by someone and rejoice. Subaru apologizes for not having defeated the Archbishops yet. Thinking that everyone must be angry Subaru still continued to speak.

“Who's next to you? What expression was on their face? That person could be someone you care about, or it could be someone you just met at the shelter for the first time. Can you forgive the witch-cult for terrorizing and confusing your loved ones? I can't forgive the witch cult. The truth is I want to run, I want to cry, but more than that I don't want to lose."


“ I want to run away and cry, but more importantly, I don't want to be defeated. They're wrong to make the people I love sad. So I'm going to fight. And I want you all to fight, too, and all I want from you is for you to not to look down."

Subaru encouraged and inspired the people.

“I want you to realize that you are not alone.”

With Subaru's encouragement, everyone in the city begun to overcome their despair.

"My name is Natsuki Subaru, and I am the Spirit Master who defeated the Witch Cult Sin Archbishop “Sloth”. My friends and I will defeat the witch-cults in the city. So I want you all to believe in us and fight for us. I want you to hold the hands of those you love and overcome the weakness that threatens to defeat you. And leave the rest to me!"

Meanwhile, Regulus was about to have his wedding with Emilia.
Regulus loved the faces of his wives. He said to Emilia,

"First of all, after you marry me, I forbid you to smile."
“So don't break that face with a smile. That's a violation of my rights.”

Emilia sees the selfishness in Regulus, who calls his wives by their numbers and treats them as objects. Emilia responded:

"I think marriage is a very beautiful thing."

As soon as Emilia mentioned Subaru's name, Regulus got angry.

"I haven't figured out what it means to love someone yet, but I'm sure I'll fall in love with someone someday. I will love someone as a woman. And when I do, I've already decided who I'm going to love."

Taking a deep breath and looking at Regulus, she stated.

"I'm not going to be yours, you know."


"Oh really! I'm no longer going to have a selfish, unfaithful woman like you as my wife either."

Regulus was furious, his face turning red. That's when the two knights appeared.


The turning point in the hopeless battle against the witch cult was Subaru's speech.

The people were helpless and could do nothing but grieve. Natsuki Subaru knew helplessness better than anyone else, and he knows the importance of his friends better than anyone else. He was such a Subaru that he was able to give a speech that inspired the people. What I have introduced in this article were just a few of his words. I urge you to read the full text in volume 18. I was shaken to the core.


What are the powers of Witch Cult Sin Archbishop "Greed" Regulus? Explaining the Light Novel Volume 19

Spoilers for Re:Zero Light Novel Volume 19

The battle against the Archbishops has begun.


The strongest knight Julius VS "Gluttony", Lye Batenkaitos
Diva Liliana and Priscilla VS. "Wrath" Sirius Romanee-Conti
Subaru and the strongest swordsman Reinhard VS "Greed" Regulus Corneas


Regulus was impervious to all attacks, and anything he touched was destroyed. Even Reinhard struggled with his "invincibility" and died once, but Reinhard was resurrected by his "Phoenix's Blessing" and attacked Regulus but to no avail.

Subaru searched for Regulus's weak point. From Emilia's words, Subaru realized that the Archbishops had something in common.


The names of the Archbishops were the names of stars, and Regulus's name means "little king" and "heart of a lion”.

When Subaru and Reinhard check Regulus’s heart, they find that his heart was not beating. The relationship between the name of the Archbishop and his powers was only known to people from other worlds like Subaru.

Subaru discovered the secret of Regulus’s invincibility.

lion's heart

His "lion's heart" can stop the time of anything he touches. Anything he throws will be also stopped in time and remain unchanged.

In order to find out Regulus' weakness, Subaru made a desperate attempt to attract Regulus and make an opening for Emilia to escape. Subaru guesses that the brides who followed Regulus were his "little king's" weakness. With the help of Emilia’s spirits, Subaru finds out that the brides’ hearts were attached to another heart. This was the weakness that Subaru was talking about.

The brides were obeying Regulus, but in reality, they were only obeying out of fear. The brides were willing to die in order to be freed. Emilia has an idea for the brides who were willing to commit suicide. She used “Cold Sleep” to stop the hearts of the brides without killing them.

Regulus's remaining heart was one of the hearts nestled inside Emilia.


Subaru destroyed it with his Invisible Providence (an unseen hand like Petelguese’s ).

The brides said

"I've always hated him," "He's crazy," "Who would like him," "He's a child," "He's physiologically impossible," "He's the worst," and "I hope he suffers and dies”.


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Is Teresia, the previous Sword Saint, still alive? Explaining the Light Novel Volume 20

Spoilers for Re:Zero Light Novel Volume 20


The despair that Sirius, the Sin Archbishop in charge of "Wrath", had spread among the people was dispelled by Liliana's song.

And Sirius Romanee-Conti was defeated with Priscilla's Sword.

Capella, “Lust”, was defeated by Aldebaran and the others.

Three Witch Cult Sin Archbishops were defeated, and the remaining one was killed.

The Water Gate City of Priestella was finally protected! However, the damage caused by the Archbishops was great.


Lye Batenkaitos appeared before Otto and Beatrice, recreating Rem's memories and trampling on her dignity.

Lye Batenkaitos was defeated, but another sin archbishop, Louis Arneb, appeared. Otto and Beatrice fled. This time, it was not possible to recover Rem's name and memory.


Willhelm was able to say "I love you" to Teresia, the previous Saint of Swords who was resurrected by the magic of raising the dead, but this moment was ended when Reinhard stabbed her.


And Julius, the strongest knight, was defeated by Gluttony and forgotten by the people. Crusch was drenched in dragon's blood by Lust, and her body was being consumed by the curse.

The Water Gate City was protected with great damage.

Final episode and conclusion of the Priestella chapter of Re:Zero's Water Gate City

Subaru and his team defeated the Archbishops with great sacrifice. Subaru and his team let Lust and Gluttony escape but arrested Wrath. But Julius lost his name to Gluttony, and Crusch suffered from the curse of the dragon's blood. And Rem, Subaru's loved one who was robbed of her name and memory, didn’t recover.

Subaru and his friends decide to help everyone. The Water Gate City Arc's story ends with Subaru's determination to save Rem and the others. Subaru made his mind to rescue the others.

The artificial spirit who calls herself Echidna entered inside Anastasia and started to accompany her! Re: Zero will continue to unfold and lead to the next season!

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