The 30 most powerful Character ranked by author(Nagatsuki) [Re:Zero]


There are many strong characters in "Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World" that have strength that is beyond common sense.

Which character do you think is the strongest?

Actually, the author, Tappei Nagatsuki, aka Gray Cat, answered this question on the radio and Q&A site. However, the author's answer was given a little while ago. In the current advancement of Re:Zero, there are much stronger characters. So, based on Nagatsuki's answers, here are my top 30 strongest characters.

Please note that the article contains spoilers.

No. 30 Crusch Karsten

The Matriarch of House Karsten, Crusch is a skilled swordsman by nature, and in addition to that, she possesses the Divine Protection of Kazami. This Divine Protection allows her to see through the lies of her opponents.

Crusch is good at wind magic, and her technique called "Hyakunin Itachi" can cut through a visible area with an invisible blade. 

Nagatsuki says

Without Subaru's information and Crusch's companions, everyone would have been wiped out in the battle against White Whale.


No. 29 Priscilla Barielle


Priscilla is one of the candidates for the king, like Crusch. Priscilla has "Divine Protection of the Sun", which is a positive attribute that makes it easier for her to get things done during the day.

Priscilla is also physically strong and uses a special sword called the Yang Sword Vollachia. She is equally strong as Crusch and can fight Sin Archbishops on equal terms. However, her Divine Protection is affected by the condition of the sun, so she is ranked 29th.

No. 28 Elsa Granhiert


A gut hunter, Elsa fights with daggers and throws knives. She has a kinetic vision and the physical ability to see through the attacks of Puck and Reinhard.

Elsa has Divine Protection, an amazing regenerative ability that allows her to come back to life even if her heart is pierced.

Nagatsuki says

The stronger the opponent, the stronger Elsa becomes.

No. 27 Garfiel Tinsel

Garfiel, the "Shield of Sanctuary" has "Divine Protection of Earth Spirit”. The "Divine Protection of the Earth Spirit" allows the user to freely manipulate the benefits of the earth.

Garfiel's demi-human blood allows him to become a beast, making him equally strong to Roswaal and Awakened Emilia.


No. 26 Petelguese Romanee-Conti (Sin Archbishops: Sloth)

Petelguese of Sin Archbishop "Sloth" can use "Invisible Hand" and "Sloth" as his witch factor Authority. Petelgeuse was able to use the Sloth Authority until the Witch Factor was taken away by Subaru Natsuki. The Invisible Hand can extend invisible hands far and wide, and increase the number of hands to dozens. 

Sloth factor can be used to attack someone who is not a spirit user, and can temporarily disable the opponent. In addition, since Petelguese is an evil person, it can take over the bodies of people who meet certain conditions even if Petelguese is in bad condition.

One person asked Nagatsuki-sensei, 

How many Petelguese does it take to defeat Reinhard? 

Nagatsuki-sensei replied

Nagatsuki's reply

 How many Kakashi do you think it would take to defeat Godzilla? 

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No. 25 Lye Batenkaitos / Roy Alphard / Louis Arneb (Sin Archbishops Gluttony)

Sin Archbishop "Gluttony" has three personalities, and each personality has a different appearance. The witch-factor Authority "Gluttony" feeds on the names and memories of its targets, and gains access to their knowledge and skills.

People who have their names and memories taken from them not only go into a coma but also disappear from everyone's memory, as if they never existed in the first place.

To use the Gluttony Authority, you need to know the real name of the person, but you can also read it from the memories taken from other people. Also, the witch factor Authority "Gluttony" is derived from Daphne, so it is possible to make White Whale obey.

No. 24 Sirius Romanee-Conti (Sin Archbishops Wrath)


Sirius Romanee-Conti of Sin Archbishop Wrath is the self-proclaimed wife of Petelguese. She can use Wrath's Authority to share all the emotions and trauma of anyone within her area of effect. Emotions can be amplified by sharing them with two or more people, and Sirius can also brainwash people by forcing them to share her emotions.

Sirius also can attack using a chain that emits flames and has high combat power.

No. 23 Theresia van Astrea

Theresia, the previous Sword Saint, had an unparalleled talent with swords and was granted the Divine Protection of the Sword Saint. Theresia has also been given the Divine Protection of the Grim Reaper, so once wounded by Theresia, no one will ever be able to heal the wound.

The details of how the mighty Theresia ended up dead are unknown. She went to defeat the White Whale in place of her son, and died partly because her Divine Protection was transferred to Reinhard during the battle. 

Nagatsuki says

Theresia is a monster even without Divine Protection of the Sword Saint.

No. 22 Wilhelm van Astrea 


Willhelm, Crusch's valet and Theresia's husband, does not have Divine Protection. Willhelm once fought Theresia, his wife and sword saint, and won the battle.

Willhelm is a very skilled fighter, but has no talent for magic.

No. 21 Capella Emerada Lugnica (Sin Archbishops Lust)

Capella Emerada Lugnica (Sin Archbishop Lust) has the ability to transform herself into a variety of forms, including a human, a slime, and a giant black dragon. Capella can also transform herself and others as well.

Capella can use her shape-shifting abilities when she is injured to make her injuries disappear, and she has "dragon blood" running through her body that can be used to disfigure and heal her wounds.


No. 20 Emillia (Awakened)

Emillia specializes in ice magic, but can also use other four types of magic. Emilia has unconsciously limited the amount of mana she can use due to the painful memories of losing her family when she was a child. However, Emilia's acceptance of her past during Echidna's ordeals allows her to regain her true power.

Nagatsuki says

Emillia is second only to Roswaal in terms of magic attack power among the characters already mentioned.

No. 19 Minerva (Witch of Wrath)

Minerva, the Witch of Wrath, has Authority which allows her to transform any violence she wields into an act of healing. However, since this act is made possible by absorbing mana directly from the world, a major disaster or natural catastrophe will occur elsewhere.

No. 18 Roswaal L Mathers


The first sorcerer of the court, Roswaal has "Divine Protection of Magic" and has an aptitude for all six magical attributes. As such, Roswaal is able to universally control all types of magic. It is said that Roswaal alone has the fighting power of an entire army, but he has one weakness. He cannot use recovery magic.

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No. 17 Carmilla (Witch of Lust)

Carmilla, the witch of Lust, can captivate those who stand before her with her Authority. The captive becomes unconscious of anyone but Carmilla, and eventually forgets to blink, breathe, or even move his or her heart, and dies.

Carmilla also has the Authority of "Goddess of No Face" and can transform herself into whatever form the other person desires.

No. 16 Cecils Segmund (Blue Thunderbolt of Vollachia)

Cecils Segmund, the Blue Thunderbolt of Vollachia, is the most powerful warrior of the Vollachian Empire. And he is ranked as 1st of the "Nine Divine Generals” of Vollachian Empire. 

He has two swords “Murasame” and “Dream Sword”.

These two swords are two of the ten magic swords that are said to be powerful in the world of Re:Zero.


In the web only exclusive story by Nagatsuki, Cecils is so powerful that he can overpower Roswaal and make Reinhard use the Dragon Sword Raid.


No. 15 Echidna (Witch of Greed)


Echidna, the Witch of Greed, possesses the complete version of the Book of Wisdom, in which all the information in the world is recorded. 

Echidna seems to have taken root in Ryuzu Meyer's body after she was released from the sanctuary, but the details are unknown.

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No. 14 Daphne, the Witch of Gluttony

Daphne, the witch of Gluttony, is always short of energy and gets out of breath just by talking. Daphne's eyes are both demon eyes, and anyone who looks into her left eye will go insane with hunger, starting to eat its own body. The abilities of her right eye have not yet been revealed.

Daphne is also the creator of various magical beasts such as the White Whale, Oousagi, and Kurohebi, and can create them just by thinking of them.

No. 13 Typhon (Witch of Pride)

Typhon, the witch of Pride, uses her own Authority to check if her opponent is a bad person, and if they are, she will give them a painful sensation when she cuts off the part of their body.

If Typhon's opponent has a guilty conscience, his or her body will be shattered like glass.


No. 12 Hector (The Warlock of Melancholy)


Hector, the Warlock of Melancholy, unilaterally twisted Roswaal with a force like invisible pressure.

Also, since the current Roswaal and Hector have a very similar tone of voice, Roswaal must have somehow taken in Hector's witch factor and became one of the strongest sorcerers of all time.

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No. 11 Shaulla

Shaulla, one of the three Sage, is rarely shown in direct combat scenes.

Shaulla's "Hell's Snipe" is a powerful spell that burns away the entire area with a sharp flash of light, cutting through Subaru and his friends in an instant.

No. 10: Flugel (The Sage)

Flugel, like Shaula, is one of the Three Sage (Wise Man). Flugel is called master by Shaula. Shaula said

Flugel is stronger than me. He is the real Sage.

Flugel's whereabouts are currently unknown and his details are unknown.

No. 9: Serious Puck (Star Beast)

Puck usually acts as Emilia's guardian, a lovely figure. However, Puck's appearance has been weakened by his contract with Emilia.
Puck is the Great Spirit of Fire, who was created by the witch Echidna.


Puck was created by the witch Echidna, and in accordance with the contract, Puck becomes the Beast of Doom when Emilia dies or is dying.

Puck is so powerful that he can easily kill Petelguese in the video game. 

Nagatsuki describes

The serious Puck is stronger than the white whale! While Puck's magic techniques are inferior to Roswaal's, his magic power is said to be stronger than Roswaal's.

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No. 8: Ram (with horns)

Ram, the maid of the Roswaal mansion, is a survivor of the demon tribe. Ram has the ability to share her vision with similar-minded companions and see far into the distance. She is adept at wind magic and can send blades of wind flying or soar into the air with the wind.

The demon tribe was originally able to absorb atmospheric mana from its horns. Ram's horns are among the rarest of all the demon tribes of all time in terms of beauty and mana absorption before Ram's horns were broken. She was strong enough to defend her village alone against a large number of witch-cult members. Nagatsuki also described the strength of the horned Ram as follows

Nagatsuki describes

The strength of Ram with horns is second only to Reinhard's, and Ram with horns might be able to defeat the white whale on her own.


No. 7: Sekhmet (the Witch of Sloth)

I have no details about Sekhmet’s, the Sloth Witch, powers, and other abilities. Sekhmet has enough fighting power to counter the Envy Witch with fast blows, and Sekhmet takes down the Oousagi(Herd of rabbits) in seconds. Sekhmet has a personality worthy of the Sloth Witch's name, and who Sekhmet is. Even when fighting, she's not motivated; if Sekhmet gets serious, she could be higher in the rankings.

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No. 6: Regulus Corneas (Sin Archbishop of the Witch Cult: Greed)

Regulus Corneas
Regulus, the Sin Archbishop of Greed, can use the witch factor powers of “Lion Heart” and “Little King”.


The “Lion's Heart” stops time for himself and any object he touches, completely blocking any attack, also can unleash an attack that is absolutely impossible to prevent.

However, while Regulus's power is stopping time, he must also stop his own heart. Therefore, Regulus can only invoke this power for a few seconds. However, Regulus' other power, the Little King, allows him to unite his own heart with that of a designated stranger and entrust his real heart to a stranger. Regulus's own combat prowess is not different from regular men. But thanks to his special abilities, Regulus is said to be the strongest fighting force of the Witch Cult. There is also a tale about Regulus attacking a fortress city by himself. Also, Regulus killed Reinhard once in the Battle of Pristella. If one doesn't know how Regulus' abilities work, no one may win.

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No. 5: Pandora (The Witch of Vainglory)

It is unclear what powers Pandora, the vainglory witch, has, but she can rewrite the world as she wants.

Everything Pandora says will come true 100% of the time.

For example, when Pandora is about to die if she says "I am alive" the fact that she is about to die will not happen. In other words, Pandora has a cheat ability that allows her to change inconvenienced things as never happened. Even Regulus Corneas was powerless in the face of Pandora.

While Pandora cannot use her powers to control the Black Serpent, she can guide it to its destination. Pandora's pure combat prowess is even weaker than young Emilia. Echidna said: "Pandora's abilities seem to specialize in survival".

No. 4: Reid Astrea (the first Sword Saint)

Reid Astrea
Reid, the original Sage of Swords, was one of the Three Greatest Sage. Reid, along with the Sage Flugel and Volcanica, sealed off the Envy Witch. When Shaula challenged the aged Reid to a fight, Reid only used his hands 2 out of 10 times. That's how strong Reid is. Nagatsuki answered the question about Reid's strength as follows

Nagatsuki describes

Reid can decapitate anyone other than Reinhard, Ram the Horned, Regulus, Sekhmet, and Puck.

When Nagatsuki-sensei answered, the Envy Witch was treated as a character that hadn't yet appeared in his work, so she wasn't in the ranking. However, Nagatsuki-sensei said,

Nagatsuki describes

Reid had beaten the Envy Witch, even though it's not a one-on-one match.

No 3: Satella (the Witch of Envy)

Satella the Envy Witch destroyed six other witches and swallowed half the world as her own food. It is also said that Satella the Envy Witch was able to produce two thousand shadow hands.

The Sage Shaula, the Divine Dragon Volcanica, and the first Swordsman Reid managed to seal Satella in the shrine of the Sealed Demon Stone near the Great Waterfall.

Nagatsuki describes

If Reinhard and the Envy Witch fought, considering the chemistry between Reinhard and the Envy Witch, it's a state of 'Thousand Days' in chess said Nagatsuki-sensei.

"A 'thousand days' is a word used in shogi." A thousand-day move" means that the situation loops endlessly, repeating the same procedure over and over again, as both players would be at a disadvantage if they had to choose any other method; considering the chemistry between Reinhard and the Envy Witch, the odds are evenly matched.

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No. 2: Volcanica (Divine Dragon)

VolcanicaShinryu Volcanica is one of the Three Heroic Heroes. Volcanica also sealed Echidna's soul. Volcanica is still alive today on the other side of the Great Waterfall as insurance against the resurrection of Satella, the Envy Witch. Since Volcanica was defeated by Sekhmet and driven to the other side of the Great Waterfall, Volcanica does not have a strong image. However, Nagatsuki-sensei said:

Nagatsuki describes

Reinhard can play a fair match with Volcanica if he can use the Sword of the Swordsman.

I'm not sure how strong he is. As for the difference in power between Reinhard and Volcanica, Nagatsuki said, "Godzilla and King Ghidorah," so the two are probably very close. By the way, King Ghidorah is known as Godzilla's rival and is said to be superior to Godzilla in terms of simple fighting ability.

No. 1: Reinhard Van Astrea

Reinhard Van Astrea

The current Swordsman Reinhard is the strongest Swordsman of all time, surpassing even the original Swordsman Reid, and has the power to bring down a house with a single swing of his sword.

There are two reasons why Sword Saint Reinhard is so strong.
The first is that Reinhard can get all the divine protections from other people if he wants. He has many divine protections such as the Sword Saint, the Wind Catcher, and the Phoenix. The Phoenix's divine protection allows Reinhard to come back to life even if he dies.

The second is that Reinhard is very well-liked by spirits, as he is able to heal himself when he is injured. For spirit users like Emilia, who has contracts with micro-spirits, Reinhard's ability will render them powerless.

Nagatsuki-sensei says that

Nagatsuki describes

Even if Ram, Regulus, Sekhmet, and Puck(Beast mode) were to work together, they would not be able to beat Reinhard. Defeating Reinhard is impossible for now.

He is the strongest swordsman on earth.

The End

There are many characters with unbelievable strength in "Re:Zero - Starting Life in Another World".

The fact that Subaru, the weakest character in "Re:Zero", is fighting these characters with a single ability of "Return by Death" made me realize how strong he is.
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