[Re:Zero] Who is Hector? The Melancholy Warlock is thoroughly explained!

Who is this handsome man?
He is Hector who has been kept secret from the world. To be more precise, he is a warlock, not a witch.
Why I don't know him?
Hector's existence was hidden from the world from the moment when Echidna started her experiments in the Sanctuary. I will explain more about Hector, the warlock melancholy.

You'll find out the following

  • Hector's Strength
  • Hector's Ability
  • The relationship between Hector and Echidna
  • Hector’s seal
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Who is Hector the Melancholy Warlock


Hector is a warlock who is part of the old Witches of Sin. Each witch has her own mortal sins. Individuals of Witches of Sin each represent a different sin.

  • Echidna - greed
  • Minerva - wrath
  • Sekhmet - sloth
  • Daphne - gluttony
  • Typhon -pride
  • Carmilla -lust
  • Satella -envy

Two  Witches of Sin were actually removed from the previous old Witches of Sin.

  • Pandora -vainglory 
  • Hector -melancholy 

Pandora and Hector were part of the old Witches of Sin. And the one in charge of melancholy is Hector.

The reason for Echidna's barrier in the Sanctuary is to provide a testing ground for immortality publicly, but this was a lie to hide the real reason.


The real purpose of Echidna's barrier in the sanctuary is to oppose Hector. 

What is Hector's ability?


Hector has the ability to compress. Hector can destroy anything by applying pressure to an object.

There are two conditions to activate Hector's compressing ability.

Step1. Turn hand to the target.
Step2. Say depressing words.

There were two scenes showing Hector’s ability in the 14 volume of the Rezero Sanctuary Arc.

  1. He used the power of pressure to nullify the flames.
  2. He compressed air to counteract the strongest fire-based magic, Al Gore.

So how strong is Hector?



Hector is stronger than the witch Echidna.

Echidna's purpose in creating the sanctuary was to gather the blood of the demihumans to create a sanctuary barrier to fight against Hector, who was coming after Echidna.

The witch Echidna was the master of Roswaal A. Mathers, who was a genius at the time. But even with Echidna's strength, she is no match for Hector. In the 14th volume of the Rezero Sanctuary Arc, Roswaal challenged Hector to a fight to buy time to activate the Sanctuary's barrier. However, Roswaal was unable to inflict any damage on Hector. And Roswaal was driven to the brink of death by Hector's attack.

Roswaal, who was so strong, had been defeated by Hector and his power to the extent that she was unable to buy any time at all.


Why is Hector chasing after Echidna?
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Hector is obsessed with echidna


Hector is quite obsessed with Echidna. Hector said to Echidna that she used to be so attractive. Hector and Echidna must have had some kind of relationship in the past. At the very least, you can see that Hector had a fondness for Echidna. However, Echidna is not fond of Hector. Although it is not told in detail what happened between Echidna and Hector, it is stated in the original story that Echidna broke up with Hector. From this description of the original story, we can assume that Hector is obsessed with Echidna.

Why is Roswaal's way of speaking so unique?



Roswaal's way of speaking is influenced by Hector.

I speculate that Roswaal is copying Hector's speaking to remember the tragedy that Hector caused in the Sanctuary. Some have hypothesized that the witch factor of Hector's melancholy has flowed into Roswaal, and as a result, Hector is partially manipulating Roswaal. There are various theories about the cause of Roswaal's unique way of speaking.

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What is the current status of Hector the Melancholy Warlock?


Hector is sealed by Echidna. Hector, the Warlock of Melancholy, appeared in the Sanctuary Arc of Rezero and does not appear until the 23rd volume of Rezero. The original story depicted a scene where Hector fought with Echidna in the Sanctuary, but it did not show what happened to Hector afterward. Therefore, it is assumed that Hector is sealed off Echidna by activating the sanctuary barrier.

What does Emilia have to do with Hector's resurrection?


It may be that Emilia is the one who can unleash the seal of Hector. 400 years ago, Echidna completed building the sanctuary. 100 years ago in the Great Forest of Elior, Emilia is said to be the key that will break the seal by Witch of the Vainglory, Pandora. I don't know what will happen when the seal is broken. But Emilia's foster mother, Fortuna, said that if the seal is broken, this time the world will be destroyed. I believe that Hector is sealed based on Fortuna's statement, a scene at the Great Forest of Elior 100 years ago, and the storyline.

Thank you for explaining
You’re welcome. By the way, do you know why Puck disappeared?
I don't know. I've been wondering about that too.
Check out my next post.
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