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Does Power Love Denji? Relationship Explained!

Chainsaw Man Power and Denji


One would expect a manga series like Chainsaw Man to be brutal to the core and trust me, it doesn’t disappoint in that. But I was pleasantly surprised to see a “bond” forming between Power and Denji, given that they hardly got along. 

Despite appearing as a potential couple, Denji and Power are anything but that. They share a bond of platonic friendship which may even border filial love. They were close enough to consider each other family. But I couldn’t help but think that something more would have been possible, had Power stayed alive. 

I know, I am contradicting myself a bit here. But I will explain this further in the article. Continue reading to learn more!

Denji and Power Didn’t Get Along When They First Met

It was pretty obvious from the beginning that Denji and Power had a hard time being civil with each other. Denji had pointed out that they might never get along. He behaved indifferently but Power went out of her way to cause trouble. She even lies to Makima and pins the blame on Denji for her mistake. 

Chainsaw Man Power and Denji

Power Tries to Shift Blame on Denji

Power hated humans, but she hated devils more because a Bat devil had taken away her pet cat Meowie. She became a Devil hunter and has been hunting devils with the Public Safety Devil Hunters so that she will one day save her cat. 

Due to that very reason she betrays Denji and gives him away to the Bat Devil. But of course, it did not get her the cat back for her. Instead, she got eaten by the devil. As I said, she went out of her way to cause trouble for Denji.

They Share a Bond of Friendship

Thankfully when Power gets eaten by the Bat Devil, Denji was there to save the day. That must have kindled a small flame of friendship that would slowly develop. Power becomes more tolerant of Denji for saving her and her cat. 

Chainsaw Man Denji saves Power

Denji Saves Power and Meowie

When Power was nursing her trauma from the Darkness Devil, Denji took complete care of her. She would follow him everywhere he goes. They were never separated. There were even times when they were naked in each other’s presence while having baths. But Denji notes that he doesn’t feel anything perverse for Power, and he is usually more of a pervert.

Denji takes care of her like a sibling. He comes to see her as a family that he was never able to have. It makes their bond much more special. Power and Denji are my favorite duo in the series.

Both Are Kishibe’s Disciples

Kishibe took Power and Denji as his disciples on Makima’s recommendation. Makima wanted Denji’s heart so she asks Kishibe to strengthen the devil’s skills. When Kishibe recognizes the duo’s talent and potential, he trains them in combat to use their powers more efficiently for their jobs as devil hunters.

Chainsaw Man Kishibe


While training together they developed a sense of camaraderie. They were able to battle more efficiently. They would always have each other’s back in combat and life. Training together helped them nurture their trust in each other. 

Power Is Killed in Front of Denji

Makima annihilates Power right in front of Denji. She did this because she didn’t want Denji to live a normal life. She has a knack for taking control over other’s life, due to her powers as a control devil. She saw Power and Denji develop a friendship and wasn’t happy about it.

Chainsaw Man Makima Kills Power

Makima Kills Power as Denji Watches

I think that she was a little jealous about Denji (and by extension, Pochita) getting closer to Power than she could. She wanted to have Pochita for herself and could not bear someone else getting closer to him. Denji was already a thorn in her side because of Pochita having taken over him.

But since Denji unknowingly helped Makima kill Power, he developed a strong sense of guilt.

Power Saves Denji’s Life and Then Dies Again

This has to be my favorite part of the series. Let us not forget that Power is a blood devil. A part of her blood was in Denji’s body. So when Makima kills Power, she was able to maintain her consciousness through Denji. She could have been revived even.

But during the epic showdown between Denji and Makima, Denji was on the brink of death. That’s when Pochita appears in Power’s consciousness through Denji’s blood and asks her to help her friend. Power then takes a bite of Pochita and was able to revive in her original blood devil form. She can use the last bit of her powers to save Denji and dies again.

Chainsaw Man Pochita Power

Pochita Asks Power to Save Denj

However, before dying, she makes Denji promise to find her again after she revives. With Power dying again right in front of him, Denji lost his control and goes berserk in his fight with Makima.

I couldn’t help but think that had Power remained alive, would their friendship ever develop into something more? Sadly it is something that we’ll never find out. But while it lasted, Denji and Power were nothing but friends who were family. So I am willing to respect their relationship.

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