Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man Power and Denji

Does Power Love Denji? Relationship Explained!

2023/5/1    , ,

Despite appearing as a potential couple, Denji and Power are anything but that. They share a bond of platonic friendship which may even border filial love. They were close enough to consider each other family [...]

Chainsaw Man: Makima’s Obsession With Denji is Explained!

2022/11/1    , , ,

Makima is a fan of Pochita, the chainsaw devil, for being able to erase the devils that he eats from existence. So in reality, she is obsessed with Pochita rather than Denji. Denji is just her means to get to Pochita [...]

Makima Using Her Ability

Chainsaw Man Part One: Why Did Denji Eat Makima? Ending Explained!

The ending of part one revealed that after an epic showdown, Denji somehow manages to work around Makima’s contract and delayed her regeneration. It turns out, he found a way to defeat Makima for good. That was, to cook and eat her [...]

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