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Chainsaw Man Part One: Why Did Denji Eat Makima? Ending Explained!

Makima Using Her Ability


Given how popular Chainsaw Man has gotten lately, it is not a surprise that there is such a buzz around how part one of the 11 Volume manga series has ended. Regular fans of the industry are not new to table-flippant endings. But Chainsaw Man just took that metaphor to another level.

However, with the amount of blood, guts, and gore that is in the series, I wouldn’t have called the ending something that was out of the scope of the story. We did get a thrilling and violent showdown between the protagonist and the antagonist at the end. But even with all that, there was something that we would never have seen coming from miles away.

The ending of part one revealed that after an epic showdown, Denji somehow manages to work around Makima’s contract and delayed her regeneration. It turns out, he found a way to defeat Makima for good. That was, to cook and eat her. Denji says that it was the only way to not trigger her contract and prevent resurrection.

Absurd right? I’m sure you are confused about what is going on. That is why I’m here to help. I will explain in detail what became of Makima at the end of Chainsaw Man Part One. So hang on tight and enjoy reading!

How Did Denji Defeat Makima?

I will tell you what went down. Denji somehow manages to separate Pochita from himself and make the devil fight Makima, disguised as himself. Throughout the fight, Makima trash talks about how weak Denji is. But in reality, she was bad-mouthing her idol Pochita.

Denji Stricking Makima Chainsaw Man

Denji Strikes Makima

So when Makima retrieves Pochita’s heart and lets her guard down, Denji sneaks behind her and slashes her body using a saw made from Power the Blood Devil’s blood. The blood devil can prevent or significantly slow down Makima’s regeneration. And thus Denji was able to defeat the Control Devil.

Later on, when Kishibe asks how he managed to find a loophole in Makima’s contract with the Prime Minister, Denji says that his intention was not to hurt her. He did what he did out of love. Because of that and Power’s blood, Makima’s regeneration was prevented or delayed.

Did Denji Eat Makima?

This is a question that most people are dying to find the answer to. And the answer is yes. Denji does eat Makima. Now before you misunderstand this, let me make it clear. Makima was virtually immortal and invincible because of her contract. Power’s blood could delay Makima’s regeneration for so long.

So Denji put his brain to use and came up with an idea that is barbaric but possibly the only way Makima could be defeated. He decides to cook her and eat her so that she will not be able to return. Although it wasn’t directly shown in the story.

Denji Cooks Makima Chainsaw Man

"Makima Set Meal"

But Denji’s fridge seems to be filled with meat to the brim. And when he sits down to eat his meal, he says, “so this is what you taste like Makima-san. Please remember that he didn’t mean that in a romantic sense. He meant that in a literal sense as it implies that he is, in fact, eating Makima. It was Denji’s wish from the beginning to be one with Makima. He got his wish, however twisted in the sense it may be.

Now, remember, It was Makima’s wish that if she were to die, she wanted it to be at the hands of Pochita. She wanted to be eaten by Pochita. She said that it would be an honor to be eaten by Pochita and thus become one with him. But Denji robs Makima of both of her wishes as he kills and then eats her as himself and not Pochita.

So that makes me wonder if she will return.

Will Makima Come Back?

Since it was Denji who eats Makima and not Pochita, there is a strong possibility that she can return. You see, devils can reincarnate in hell and be released on Earth soon after. So I see a strong possibility of Makima returning to the world. There is also a full chance that her contract will automatically get reinstated. But it's not all that easy.

A little girl comes and bites Denji on his finger. He recognizes the bite as Makima’s. She even had eyes like Makima. This confused me a little because the girl has black hair and a mole under her left eye. She looks nothing like Makima.

Nayuta Chainsaw Man


But then, Kishibe clarifies that Makima is dead and that girl is Nayuta, who he had stolen from China. He says that Nayuta is a Control Devil just like Makima. He says that Denji should take the girl with her because if the Japanese government got hold of her, she may grow up to be just like Makima.

So that means, Makima is indeed dead and Nayuta is the Control Devil’s reincarnation. Makima is gone for good and will never return.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments! Happy reading!

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