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Chainsaw Man Power and Denji

Does Power Love Denji? Relationship Explained!

2023/5/1    , ,

Despite appearing as a potential couple, Denji and Power are anything but that. They share a bond of platonic friendship which may even border filial love. They were close enough to consider each other family [...]

Strongest Marines One Piece

One Piece Universe: List of Top 8 Strongest Marines

2022/11/1    , ,

Kong is the strongest Marine character on this list. The Former Fleet Admiral is currently the Commander in chief of the World Government. As a Fleet Admiral, he had complete authority over the Navy. But as World Government Commander in Chief, he commands control over all the military powers [...]

13 Battle Manga That Will Leave Your Blood Pumping

2022/11/1    ,

A list of battle manga recommendations that will leave you hooked and wanting more. Those who are new to the anime and manga industry will enjoy and thank me for this list because let's face it, battle manga are unlike any other. Those who are more veterans like myself here will most likely find some of their favorite titles on the list [...]

Chainsaw Man: Makima’s Obsession With Denji is Explained!

2022/11/1    , , ,

Makima is a fan of Pochita, the chainsaw devil, for being able to erase the devils that he eats from existence. So in reality, she is obsessed with Pochita rather than Denji. Denji is just her means to get to Pochita [...]

Makima Using Her Ability

Chainsaw Man Part One: Why Did Denji Eat Makima? Ending Explained!

The ending of part one revealed that after an epic showdown, Denji somehow manages to work around Makima’s contract and delayed her regeneration. It turns out, he found a way to defeat Makima for good. That was, to cook and eat her [...]

One Piece Devil Fruits

One Piece Universe: What Is the Devil Fruit? Detailed Explanation!

Devil Fruits are mysterious fruits that will give you powers after eating them. One Piece’s main protagonist Luffy ate Gomu Gomu no Mi and became a rubber man. But sadly, he cannot swim anymore as a price to pay for eating the Devil Fruit [...]

Nika and Luffy One Piece

Who is The Sun God Nika in One Piece?

It is said that Nika was prophesied to free the slaves and bring smiles to the faces of the people. As the legend grew popular, the slaves from across the ancient world began praying to him piously and hoping for the freedom that Nika would bring to them [...]

Luffy Gear 5 One Piece

What is Luffy’s Gear 5?

Gear 5 is a powered-up state that came forth after the awakening of Luffy’s devil fruit. This state far exceeds Gears 2 to 4 in terms of strength and freedom of movement and only falls short because of the user’s imagination. This unlimited power gives the user a feeling that they can do anything [...]

One Piece Arc

One Piece Final Saga: What to Expect?

One Piece’s creator Eiichiro Oda, has announced that the manga will go on a month-long hiatus to gear up for the final arc of the series. Fans are anxious and emotional about the series coming to an end, however, they are also excited to finally uncover all the secrets [...]

Pirate King One Piece

One Piece: Top 7 Most Powerful Characters in the Series

One Piece has an arsenal of almost a thousand episodes to boast, and with it comes a myriad of characters and sub-storylines. And from a shounen anime like One Piece, there is bound to be a box full of overpowered characters. The list [...]

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