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One Piece Final Saga: What to Expect?

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The legendary anime, One Piece’s creator Eiichiro Oda, has announced that the manga will go on a month-long hiatus to gear up for, what he called, the final arc of the series. Fans are anxious and emotional about the series coming to an end, however, they are also excited to finally uncover all the secrets that the series has been hiding for over two decades now.

If you have clicked on this page, you must also be from those curious bunch of fans. Do not worry anymore, I am here to help your curiosity. 

In this article, I will talk about all the things that I expect from the upcoming final saga of One Piece. I’m pretty sure that you will agree with me on most of it. Let me know your thoughts down in the comments!

The Real Treasure of One Piece

The treasure of One Piece has been talked about in the series since episode one. The entire series is based around that very treasure. One would call it a joke that even after a thousand episodes we do not know what the treasure truly is. 

The entire pirate world began traveling to Grand Line in hopes of finding the treasure that Roger left behind, as he had said moments before being executed in Logue Town. But no one has been able to find it yet.

There were fan theories that stated that One Piece treasure is actually a notion that brings people together with a “united we win” philosophy. However, Oda has debunked that theory and said that One Piece, is in fact, a physical treasure it would be unfair to the Straw Hats to have them undergo such hardships, all for mere words.

One Piece treasure

The Treasure of One Piece Found in The Sacred Land of Marie Jois

I think that the huge straw hat that was found in the sacred city of Marie Jois is related to the main treasure in some way, but is not in fact the treasure itself. It is entirely possible that I’m wrong but that is how I feel for now. 

Anyway, the truth can only be found after Oda reveals the truth himself. Until then, all we can do is wait patiently. 

The Truth Behind The Mysterious Will of D


Will of D has been one of the most mysterious aspects of the show. The people bearing the initial D in their names have been called “natural enemies of gods” by some unknown village. They are all notable figures in the pirate-dominated world and are often extremely influential and fear-inspiringly powerful.

But even after over a thousand episodes, we do not know what the “D” means in Luffy’s name. To date, only Gol D Roger and his pirate crew have ever found out the true meaning behind the Will of D. Hopefully, Straw Hats Pirates will be able to uncover the secret and feed our curiosity. 

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There Could be More About The Lost History of Void Century

The Lost History of Void Century

The Lost History of Void Century

Void Century is from almost eight hundred years ago before the current World government came to power. Little to nothing is known about it in the series, except for theories that it has something to do with One Piece treasure and the Will of D. 

The World Government has placed special restrictions on research about Void Century; hence it can be concluded that Void Century will be somehow linked to the major events from the series. The only way to discover more about the lost knowledge of Void Century is by decrypting the Poneglyphs that the Straw Hats Pirates currently possess. Our hope lies with Luffy and his crew!

Will Shanks Finally Have a Chance to Shine?

Shanks had been the entire motivation behind Luffy’s decision to become a pirate. He is the one who had given Luffy the straw hat that he oh-so-dearly treasures. But despite being such an important character in Luffy’s life, we hardly got to know anything about him. 

One Piece Shanks

Shanks the Red-Haired Pirate

From the knowledge that he is one of the four emperors, it can be deduced that he is extremely strong. He has an excellent command over the Haki. But just how strong is he? I am hoping to find out in the upcoming arcs. 

Luffy Becoming The King of the Pirates

Luffy has announced his intentions of becoming the pirate king ever since the beginning of the series. It has been a big motivation for him on his journey through the great waters of the Grand Line. With the final saga finally in sight, it is not a stretch to say that Luffy will soon be able to achieve his years-long dream.

The only question that remains is how the events will take place leading to his hypothetical crowning. Let us wait for a month to find out how it unfolds.

Luffy Vs. Blackbeard: The Ultimate Showdown?

Luffy Vs. Blackbeard

Luffy Vs. Blackbeard

Blackbeard is an incredibly overpowered villain. The fact that he has the powers of two Devil Fruits (Yami Yami no Mi and Gura Gura no Mi) proves his strength; any other person would have been torn apart after consuming two devil fruits.

A final showdown against him and our main boy Luffy might as well be the conclusive arc of the series. I think that this battle would go down in history as One Piece’s most anticipated battle. Who do you think will win?

Let us know in the comments below!

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