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What is Luffy’s Gear 5?

Luffy Gear 5 One Piece

One Piece’s manga chapter 1044 made a new and exciting revelation. Luffy managed to awaken his devil fruit and entered a powered-up state that far exceeded his previous Gear states. And staying true to himself, he named the state Gear 5.

The much-awaited Gear 5, as previously hinted by Oda in a 5G internet reference, finally appeared in a battle between the rubber man and beast Kaidou. Are you curious to know more? Then keep reading ahead!

Note: This article contains spoilers from One Piece manga. Read at your own risk!

What Is Luffy's Gear 5?

Gear 5 is a powered-up state that came forth after the awakening of Luffy’s devil fruit, Gomu Gomu no Mi. This state far exceeds Gears 2 to 4 in terms of strength and freedom of movement and only falls short because of the user’s imagination. This unlimited power gives the user a feeling that they can do anything they want, as Luffy said. 

It also taps into their characteristics to reveal an ultimately powerful form that is Gear 5. In the Gear 5 state, Luffy can use the powers of both Gear 3 and Gear 4 more easily, without having to blow air into his bones and muscles. His heart beats in a rhythmic fashion that imitates the sounds of a drum called “the Drum of Liberation”.

When in the state, Luffy also exudes an air of strength and freedom, which led to him becoming the “Warrior of Liberation”. It hints at the fact that he is bound by no bodily restrictions, giving Luffy’s movements an almost cartoonish feel.

Luffy,s Gear 5 One Piece

Luffy in His Gear 5 State

Luffy’s appearance also changes when in Gear 5 state. His hair and eyebrows become white and swirly, his eyes get a golden tint with white lines around them, and solid white clouds surround his body, giving him a god-like appearance. 

But his personality became more child-like than it normally is, as Luffy appeared much more playful in the state and laughed a lot when in Gear 5. Looking at him in that state might bring the spectators a lot of joy, which would again hint at his connection to the Sun God Nika, on who these powers were originally based after.

Unfortunately, Luffy cannot sustain the state for long and he rapidly ages after the state wears off. 

The Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika

Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika is the real name of Luffy’s devil fruit Gomu Gomu no Mi. The World government has been searching for Hito Hito no Mi for the past 800 years with no success. Their true aim is to eliminate the fruit from existence because of its connection with Sun God Nika.  

The World government has been working hard to keep everything from the Void Century hidden. It can be guessed that Nika has something to do with the lost history and Joy Boy.

Naturally, they even changed the name of the fruit from all the historical records to Gomu Gomu no Mi. They did it so that it doesn’t attract any unnecessary attention and their plan of wiping it off from existence becomes successful. 

Gomu Gomu no Mi One Piece

Gomu Gomu no Mi stolen by the Red Hair Pirates That Luffy Eats

However, 12 years ago from the current timeline, the government managed to get its hands on the fruit, only to lose it again when Shanks stole it again from Who’s Who. Later on, Luffy eats the fruit and becomes a rubber man.

The fruit itself managed to stay hidden for 800 years, away from the eyes of the World government. It awakened after such a long time during Luffy’s battle against beast Kaidou. 

It is interesting to note that the awakening of the devil fruit lacked any of the basic abilities of the Gomu Gomu no Mi fruit and unlocked the true powers of its own.

What Is Luffy's Gear 2?

Gear 2 is the very first form of the Gear series that Luffy had invented. He first used it during the Water 7 Saga in the Enies Lobby arc, in his battle against Blueno of CP9. CP9 is a World government organization, whose existence is kept a secret from the people. 

When in gear 2, Luffy gains an incredible level of agility and speed which exceeds his normal form. It gives Luffy’s skin a glossy pinkish color with steam rising from his body. The steam is due to the abnormally fast pumping of the blood in his body.

Luffy's Gear 2 One Piece

Luffy in His Gear 2 State Stance

Luffy activates this state by accelerating the pumping of his rubber heart. It is only because of his rubber-like elasticity that his body can withstand this state. Any normal human would have been blown up by such high blood pressure. But then, this is Luffy we are talking about.

Fun Fact: Rob Lucci of CP9 called this technique doping and added that using this technique could reduce Luffy’s life span.

What Is Luffy's Gear 3?

Second in the Gear series, Gear 3 is another powered-up form that Luffy had invented during the Enies Lobby arc. We could truly witness it during his fight with Lucci.

What’s interesting about this form is that it gives Luffy strength and powers equal to a giant. Yes, that’s right. Luffy bites into his thumb and then blows air into it which inflates his body or that particular body part. The body part grows large enough to rival a giant’s.

Luffy's gear 3 One Piece

Luffy Activating His Gear 3

It differs from his Gomu Gomu no Balloon form in the hardness. In Gear 3, his bones harden and bullets would reflect instead of bouncing back from his body.

Unfortunately, Luffy loses his agility while in this state. Deactivating this state shrinks his body for the amount of time that the state was activated for. It is pretty hazardous during a battle. 

What Is Luffy's Gear 4?

Gear 4 far exceeds any of its predecessors in terms of strength and power, as it uses Busoshoku Haki along with Luffy’s devil fruit powers. Luffy activates this state by coating his arm in Busoshoku Haki and then biting into it. He then blows air into his arm like in Gear 3.

However, Gear 4 is more about muscle enhancement than that of bone as seen in Gear 3. The muscular strength is increased in this state, which makes his body taller and larger. It also sports the steam around his body like in Gear 2.

Luffy's Gear 4 One Piece

Luffy in His Gear 4 State

Luffy activated Gear 4 in his fight against Donquixote Doflamingo, a former Celestial Dragon. The power of Luffy’s Gear 4 even managed to overwhelm the Celestial Dragon because of its sheer strength.

Gear 4 also has many forms which Luffy uses based on the situation. And like all the other states, Gear 4 also cannot be sustained for longer periods of time. It also leaves him incapable of using Haki for ten straight minutes which can be problematic in a battle against a strong foe.

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