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One Piece: Top 7 Most Powerful Characters in the Series

Pirate King One Piece

If you are a frequent anime viewer, you definitely must have heard about "One Piece"—unless you live under a rock, of course. It is regarded as one of the top 3 anime giants and is one of the most popular anime among fans.

One Piece has an arsenal of over a thousand episodes to boast, and with it comes a myriad of characters and sub-storylines. And from a shounen anime like One Piece, there is bound to be a box full of overpowered characters.

Whenever I think that a certain character may be the strongest yet, Eiichiro Oda (Creator, One Piece) always comes up with powered-up characters. I had a hard time shortlisting the Top 7 strongest characters from the whole set of characters that One Piece has to offer, not going to lie.

Now let's get right to it. Please remember that the list is entirely made out of a personal opinion, and there's bound to be a variety of opinions. Do let us know down in the comments if you agree or disagree.

7. Monkey D Garp

Monkey D. Garp is also popularly known as "Garp the Fist" in the One Piece universe. He is one of the prominent figures from Roger's era and was a powerful Marine vice admiral. And it might interest you to know that he is the father of Monkey D. Dragon and grandfather of Monkey D. Luffy, our main protagonist. 

One Piece

Monkey D Garp, Luffy's Grandfather

This man doesn't even need the help of a Devil Fruit to help him power up. He is just incredibly powerful even without it. His strength and actions helmed him as the "Hero of the Marines."

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6. "Golden Lion" Shiki

Shiki is also popularly known as the "Flying Pirate" and was a crewmate of the Rocks Pirates led by Rocks D. Xebec. He is the main bad guy of the 10th One Piece film. His terror is so incredible that he is considered to be a national-level threat. This man also managed to escape Impel down.

One Piece Shiki

Shiki the "Golden Lion"

His strength was considered to be on par with Roger. He had a strong desire to rule the seas and wreaked havoc during Roger's era. Garp had even said that Shiki would not tolerate peace for long and enjoyed causing chaos. Just the fact that he was Roger's greatest rival is enough leverage to put him on the list.

5. "Whitebeard" Edward Newgate

Whitebeard was once referred to as the "strongest man alive" after the death of Gol D. Roger. With a status like that, it shouldn't be a surprise that he's got a spot on this list. He could have easily ranked higher on the list if he had stayed alive for a longer time. 

One Piece Whitebeard

Whitebeard of the Whitebeard Pirates

The Gura Gura no Mi devil fruit he ate gave him the strength to cause earthquakes with his punches. He has even mastered all forms of Haki, which deems him incredibly powerful and a formidable foe.

4. "Red-Haired" Shanks

Shanks is one of four emperors that rule upon the New World. This guy is said to be incredibly strong, and we have not yet witnessed the full extent of his power. He is even rumored to be stronger than the rest of the emperors. You cannot disagree that he deserves a spot on the list.

One Piece Shanks

"Red-Haired" Shanks

Shanks possesses incredible skill with his sword and has a strong grip over Haki with strong physical abilities. All the characters respect him, and honestly? I wouldn't even mind bumping him higher on the list as we dive further into the story.

3. Rocks D. Xebec

Rocks D. Xebec certainly deserves a spot on this list, given his status. He ruled the seas even before Gol D. Roger was a thing. People who knew him described him as a vicious and cruel person who didn't care about people's lives regardless of their status.

One Piece Rocks D Xebec

Rocks D Xebec of the Rocks Pirates

He is regarded as one of the most terrifying pirates in One Piece history. He would attack and plunge into many places to assert his dominance over the seas. Although not much is known about him, his crew included people like Kaido, Big Mom, and Shiki, which intensifies his position as a strong pirate.

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2. "Pirate King" Gol D. Roger

Gol D. Roger is a legend in the One Piece universe, given his status as the Pirate King. Roger found the legendary treasure of One Piece and became its first owner after centuries. The man obtained this position even when he was fighting a life-threatening illness. 

One Piece Gol D Roger

Gol D Roger, The Pirate King

He is also referred to as Gold Roger, courtesy of the World Government, who wanted to hide the fact that he was from the family of D. He is a character who was referenced since episode one. Most prominent characters in the One Piece universe acknowledge his strength as one of the strongest figures to roam the One Piece seas. His strength and authority definitely earn him a spot on this list.

1. Joy Boy

Joy Boy is one of the most prominent figures in One Piece History. He is the real deal when it comes to the treasure that the entire show is based on. Nine hundred years ago, Joy Boy left behind a treasure that would come to be known as "One Piece" and mark the identity of the Pirate King.

One Piece treasure

The Treasure of One Piece Found in The Sacred Land of Marie Jois

Joy Boy has also received acknowledgment from Gold Roger, the previous Pirate King, as the strongest character in the One Piece universe. 

Honorary Mention

Monkey D. Dragon

Monkey D. Dragon is the most wanted man alive in the One Piece universe. He is also the father of our main boy Monkey D. Luffy. Dragon established the Revolutionary Army to overthrow the World Government and has since become a serious threat to them. He deserves an honorary mention because I could not decide where to put him on the list. 

Let us know your thoughts!

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