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[SAO] Spoiler: The ending of SAO Alicization War of UnderWorld Arc


The final part of Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld Season 2(WoU) began in July 2020.

I will explain the ending of SAO War of Underworld .

You'll find out the following

  • When will Kirito wake up?
  • Is there any way Eugeo can come back from the dead?
  • Will Alice be able to convert to the real world?
  • What will happen to the Great War of Underworld?
  • Will Dark Vector be defeated?

Kirito was in the mindless state after losing Eugeo

Kirito was in a state of mind loss due to the death of his best friend, Eugeo. But in order to defeat the Administrator, Eugeo had to give up his life. After defeating the Administrator, a mysterious communication with the real world began, and at that moment Kirito became mindless in Sword Art Online Alicization Arc. In the first part of Sword Art Online War of Underworld, Kirito was in a mindless state from episode 1~12. That didn't change in the second part (episode 13~).

Asuna, who is a Kirito’s lover in the real world and also married to Kirito within SAO, came to meet Kirito in the underworld in the War of Underworld Arc (Season 1). Kirito was still in the state of mind loss, but he cried in response to Asuna's voice.

 It was a very painful scene to watch.

Karma with PoH continues from Aincrad


PoH that appeared in the Aincrad Arc showed up in the Underworld as well. Poh was the leader of the murder guild "Laughing Coffin" in Aincrad. Poh had come from the real-world to the underworld and tried to kill mindless Kirito.

Kirito was still in a vegetable state. It's a scene that fans of the prequels can't take their eyes off of. 

In fact, this was where I expected Kirito to wake up. It is impossible for the main character does not appear in the main part until the end.

Kirito finally came back from the mindless state to fight against PoH

PoH's overwhelming strength had put Asuna and her friends in a desperate situation. ( Alicization - War of Underworld 2nd Season Episode 7)

It was Kirito, who finally turned the predicament upside down, who was resurrected.

Kirito had been in a state of mind loss since the second half of the Alicization Arc due to regret over losing Eugeo. However, in the midst of the battle against PoH in the Underworld War, Kirito finally resurrected.

I will explain how he resurrected in the next section.

Will Eugeo come back to life?


Unfortunately, Eugeo did not come back to life in the Alicization arc of the light novel.

However, Kirito was revived in the midst of the battle with PoH. In fact, Kirito's fluctlight, the quantum particle that contains the human consciousness, was remade from the fluctlights of Asuna, Sinon, and Sugu.

During this process, Eugeo's mind object in the underworld also reached out to Kirito. Kirito talked to Eugeo in his dream and overcame his grief by having conversations with Eugeo.

#18 light novel.

Kirito: “Eugeo. Am I allowed to start walking again...?”

Eugeo: "Yes, Kirito. A lot of people are waiting for you. Come on, let's go, we'll go wherever you want.”

Eugeo didn't come back to life. But the memories of Eugeo will be in his heart forever.


When Kirito remembers that, he decides to come back to life again. The resurrected Kirito had awakened to the power of an extraordinary <mind-will>心意の力.

Even though Eugeo wasn't alive, Eugeo's power in the Blue Rose Sword helped Kirito to freeze all the movements of tens of thousands of enemy troops.

Kirito freezing Red Soldiers

Afterward, Kirito used his Dual-sword skill to defeat the PoH. He then used the power of the Night Sky Sword to freeze PoH into the form of a tree, settling the karma with Poh that has been going on since the Aincrad Arc.

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Kirito defeated Dark Vector with Night Sky Sword.

After defeating PoH, Kirito used the power of his <mind-will> to chase the Dark Vector, Gabriel Miller, through the sky.

Before Eugeo died, Eugeo said to Kirito  'The name of this sword should be Night Sky Sword'. Kirito used to refer to the sword as the 'black one'. As the sword was officially named and Kirito strongly identified the sword as the 'Night Sky', the power of the Night Sky Sword was released.

The Night Sky Sword

The Night Sky Sword has the power to change the Underworld from daytime to nighttime. Also, Sword has the power to gather the power of people's will.


With the Night Sky Sword, which gathered the all power of Underworld residents, and also with the Blue Rose Sword, Kirito unleashed Dual blades 16-hit sword skill of starburst stream.  This attack caused people's mind-will power to flow into the sky and finally made Gabriel disappear. Gabriel, who was unable to effect any attacks, was defeated by an attack unleashed from the power of the people's heart.

What happened to the defeated Dark Vector?


Normally, when an account in the Underworld disappears, the body in the real world doesn't die. However, if the soul (fluctlight) itself is affected in some way, the real world will be affected as well. In Gabriel's case, Kirito had gathered the will of all people in the Underworld, and this is exactly what caused Gabriel's fluctlight to be damaged. When Gabriel woke up in the real world, his soul was out of his body and he saw a hallucination of Alicia, a girl he killed when he was a boy.

The ghosts of Alicia and all the people he's killed so far grabbed Gabriel and dragged him to the depths of the earth.


The final battle in the Alicization Arc ended with Kirito and Eugeo’s swords.


Alice returned safely to the real world


Alice had safely made it to the World's End and had been transported to the real world. In the real world, she was put in the mechanical body that Rath had prepared for her, which contained her soul. Afterward, Alice attended press conferences with Dr. Koujiro. The purpose of this press conference is to announce Rath’s successful development of AI, as well as to call on the world to acknowledge human rights to AI.

The press conference was filled with a series of awful questions such as "We should use the AI of the Underworlders for labor" and "Show me your brain if it's not really a program", to which all Alice answered.

Alice said

“I am holding out my right hand to people of the Real World. But I will not kneel down and my forehead will not touch the ground. Because I am a human being".

After that, Alice continued to attend receptions and parties every day to make AI known in the real world. Alice attended these events to ensure the survival of the Underworld.

The issue of AI human rights hasn't been settled in the latest book of SAO.

Kirito and Asuna spent 200 years in the Underworld


After defeating Gabriel, the Underworld went into an acceleration phase of 1,000 times the real-world ratio. This means that it would take 200 years in Underworld time to get back to the same time speed as the real-world time. In other words, if they didn't return to the real world soon, they would have to spend 200 years inside the Underworld. Kirito understood this, but he made his priority to get Alice to the real world and fought for this reason until the end.

After Alice returned to the real world, Kirito cried as he faced the reality that he will now have to live 200 years in the Underworld.


Then, the shadow of a person showed up…


There was Asuna.

Asuna was aware of Kirito's sacrifice, and she was determined to stay in the Underworld with Kirito.


Asuna said

'Even if it's a thousand years, it won't be long... with you.'

Kirito wiped his tears with Asuna, and they had spent 200 years in this world.

It's a very emotional scene.


What happened to the others in the Underworld?


Iskahn was appointed as the commander of the Dark World Army. Scheta, Scheta Synthesis Twelve, served as the bridge between the two worlds and made a peace treaty with the Dark World Army. Iskahn and Scheta married later.

This was the first marriage ceremony between the Dark world people and the Human world people. Afterward, the human world and the dark world even allowed each others’ travels to the other world.

Information for anime geek

Meanwhile, Alice's sister, Selka, chose to freeze her life on the 80th floor of the Central Cathedral just to be reunited with Alice again.


Over the course of 200 years, Kirito invented flying machines, which expanded the outer world of the Dark World and also discovered new stars in the space.

Kirito had a great influence on the Underworld, and he and Asuna were honored with the title of Star King and Star Queen.

Finally, Kirito dives into the Underworld with Alice from the real world again


Kirito and Asuna awoke in the real world after spending 200 years in the Underworld. It had been only a few weeks in the real world.

Kirito and Asuna have had their memories of 200 years erased by Rath so that they will have no trouble living in the real world.

Alice blamed Kirito for lying to her and remaining in the Underworld, but she cried from the joy of being reunited with him.

Then, after Alice's sleepover at the Kirigaya house and other events, Alice suddenly received a message from an unknown sender to her email address.

It was an access IP to the Underworld from Akihiko Kayaba (Heathcliff), who lived on the internet.

Kirito, Asuna, and Alice dived back into the Underworld.

The three of them dived into the Underworld, and to their surprise, they landed in space.

"Where is this place?" But then they saw a planet with a familiar city like Centria in the distance.

The three of them were surprised to be thrown out into the universe all of a sudden, but they shed tears as they confirmed that this was indeed the Underworld of their past.

Alice: 'It's the Underworld I was born into! I love you! Do you hear me! I'm back now! ...I'm here!

Reunion with Ronye and Tiese after 200 years

In space, two aligned Knights flew in a Kiryu (a sort of dragon-shaped spaceship).

They were Stika Streitenen and Laurenay Arabelle, the seventh descendants of Tiese and Ronye.

Stika and Laurenay looked at Kirito and burst into tears. Perhaps they were the incarnations of Tiese and Ronye.

Alicization Arc ended with the meeting between Kirito and his friends, Stika and Laurenay.

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A new chapter will be the fourth season of Sword Art Online.


That's the end of the Alicization Arc, but the original SAO story is now entering the "New Chapter - Unital Ring".

This arc is about Kirito, Asuna, and Alice. The story begins as three of them were having tea in the real world of ALO, and suddenly got caught up in a strange change in the ALO world for unknown reasons.

Summary of the ending of the Alicization War of UnderWorld Arc​

Here are the five points of this article.

Points of this article.

  • Kirito is back in the fight against PoH
  • Eugeo didn't come back to life.
  • Kirito's sword and Eugeo's sword defeated Gabriel.
  • Alice goes to the real world
  • Kirito and Asuna spend 200 years in the Underworld
My Favorite Scene of Alicization War of UnderWorld Arc
  • Eugeo helping Kirito to overcome his grief of losing Eugeo
  • Asuna appearing when Kirito cries as he prepares for his lonely 200 years
  • Alice returning to the Underworld
I hope you enjoy watching the anime again and again!
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