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[SAO] Ultimate Beauty Quinella's past and purpose in Alicization


The administrator Quinella was the antagonist in SAO's Alicization Arc and encountered Kirito and Eugeo. Quinella was an important character in the Alicization Arc, but she had appeared in relatively few scenes and died. As a result, Quinella was a mystery to many.

I will introduce Quinella the Administrator, her purpose, her past, and how she died.

Who was Quinella the Administrator of SAO?


The Administrator, Quinella, was the Supreme Priest of the Axiom Church, who created order and law in the Underworld. The Administrator was the absolute ruler of the Underworld, but she only appeared at the end of the Alicization Arc. Even though she was the sole ruler, the governance of the Underworld was usually left to the Senate of the Axiom Church and the Integrity Knights. Quinella usually slept for long periods of time.

The Administrator was portrayed beautifully in the SAO. Although the Administrator was quite old, she regained her own youthfulness by discovering System Authority. The Administrator used System Authority to obtain the body of a young girl and also preserved her beauty by halting her aging.

What was the purpose of Administrator Quinella?


The purpose of the Administrator was actually quite simple. The Administrator‘s desire was an infinite desire to control. To please that desire for control, she achieved complete control over the human world by enacting a list of prohibitions against murder and hunting to prevent everyone to level up their authority. (Killing and hunting will increase your level of authority.) Then Quinella continued to maintain complete control over the Underworld.

Quinella took measures against Cardinal, a self-sustaining program for controlling the Underworld. The Administrator's Quinella also prepared for battles against the Dark Territories, which were said to occur in the future of the Underworld.


These actions show that Quinella the Administrator always acted with a purpose.

What was the birth and past of Quinella the Administrator in SAO?


The Administrator was a girl called Quinella in the past. Quinella was the first girl born of a political marriage between two noble families in the human world and was given the Sacred Job of an apprentice of sacred arts research. In her studies of the sacred arts, Quinella realized that the sacred language had meaning, and succeeded in creating a new art form by combining sacred languages. Quinella killed animals in order to test the new magic, and she discovered that killing an animal increased her level of authority.

Realizing the importance of her level of authority, Quinella went around killing animals without being seen and increased her authority level. By further increasing her level of sacred magic, Quinella was able to heal people's injuries. Quinella had become known as the "Priestess of the God Stacia" and "Daughter of God" due to her miracles. Quinella becomes so respected by people for her ability to heal people's injuries that she established the Axiom Church and established the Index of Taboo in the form of a clear statement of the law.


But even so, Quinella couldn't defy heaven's decree and was driven to the point of old age and near death. As the end drew near, Quinella finally succeeded in finding the thing she was looking for. It was the "Inspect List", a list of commands that existed in the Sacred Arts, or Underworld. With this Quinella restored her left life, and also restored her appearance to her youthful form.

Quinella then attempted to take over the Cardinal System, which controlled the Underworld system. However, Quinella was unsuccessful and fused with the Cardinal. Quinella’s basic purpose became to "maintain order in the human world". She called herself "Administrator", and became the High Priest of the Axiom Church.

For a while, after Quinella became the Administrator, she was able to rule the Underworld without problems. But a problem arises. Quinella was able to stop the natural degeneration, but her memory capacity, the soul, had reached its limit. This was an impossible situation, as normally, life runs out before memory capacity is reached.

At this time, Quinella created a sacred technique called Synthesize, which manipulated the souls and memories of others. At the time the Synthesize was created, it was a technique used by the Administrators to duplicate and overwrite souls and memories.

The Administrator succeeded in her divine magic, but the unexpected happened.

The Administrator made a backup of her memories and selected one girl for the experiment with the intention of erasing her unwanted memories. Due to the "synthesize," the moment the backup was completed, there were two cardinal systems with the highest authority. The girl with a copied memory, which also had a powerful error correction function, found an error in the copy source. The girl whose memory and soul had been overwritten became the second cardinal, an enemy of the Administrator.

How the Administrator Quinella died?


In the SAO Alicization Arc, the Administrator was the last boss-like person that fought Kirito, Eugeo, and Alice. In the last battle, Alice was knocked unconscious, Eugeo left the front lines by destroying the Sword Golem and wounding the Administrator's right arm, and finally, Quinella faced Kirito. Quinella was then defeated by Kirito who wielded dual blades, Night Sky Sword, and Eugeo’s Blue Rose Sword.

Administrator Quinella was not dead at the time after the final attack by Kirito. Quinella's right arm was chopped off by Eugeo and his left arm was cut off by Kirito, but she still managed to control the console by moving her hair at will. She tried to escape into the real world. Originally, the Administrator was thinking about going to the real world in the future and was preparing for it. At this point, there was nothing Kirito could do.



The Administrator was betrayed by his confidant, the Chief Chudelkin.

With his last ounce of strength, Chudelkin wrapped his body in flames and embraced the Administrator, and together they both died from burning the remaining life.

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Summary of Administrator Quinella of SAO Alicization

The Administrator was a character who appeared in the SAO Alicization Arc as the absolute ruler of the Underworld. The Administrator had ruled the human world for a long time until the timeline depicted in the main SAO Arc, where she was finally defeated by Kirito and died.

The Alicization Arc, like the previous SAO boss characters, depicted the past and the events that led up to Adminsulator's past and present, making her a popular character despite her villainous nature. Since the Administrator died in the end, many people have said that it's a shame that her exploits were only depicted in the Alicization Arc. If you haven't watched the SAO Alicization Arc yet, you might want to keep an eye out for the Administrator as well.


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