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best anime for Attack on Titan lover

Top 10 Anime like Attack on Titan ranked by Japenese Otaku


Do you want to see more anime like Attack on Titan? Here are the best 10 Anime like Attack on Titan ranked by Japenese Otaku.

best isekai reincarnation manga

Top 39 Most Popular Isekai/Reincarnation Manga ranked by Japenese Otaku


In reincarnation manga, the main character suddenly plays a big role in another world. Here are the most popular 39 most popular isekai/reincarnation manga.

Top 20 Sports Anime ranked by Japenese Otaku


We become emotionally involved with the sports anime characters and want to cheer them on. Here are the top 20 best sports anime rankings from masterpieces to new releases ranked by Japanese otaku.


Top 10 Anime like Demon Slayer ranked by Japenese Otaku


If you like Demon Slayer, these are the must-watch best anime like Demon Slayer recommended to you.

Top 10 Anime that will make you cry ranked by Japenese Otaku


“Anime that will make you cry" brings tears to the eyes of the viewers as viewers feel the emotions of the main character.

Rod Reiss

11 Titans in Attack on Titan Ranked By Height!


The Titans in AoT come in all shapes and sizes. Though most Titans are only as tall as the average tree, the elite ones can grow up to be as tall as 20 storeyed buildings.   King Fritz kept these things in mind when he erected the walls shielding Paradis Island. ...

Rumbling in aot

What Is Rumbling in Attack on Titan? How Is It Activated?


For centuries, the island of Paradis was protected by walls made of hardened Colossal Titans. In a world that was making constant technological advancements, these Titans were Eldia's last card against those who would wish to see it destroyed.  When the Eldian people were moved to Paradis, King Karl Fritz ...

endind-139-attack on titan

Attack on Titan Ending Chapter 139 Explained!


Attack on Titan, a series that continued for 11 years has ended. After Mikasa kills Eren, the world becomes a world without Titans.


How Strong is Clayman - Clayman vs Rimuru!


How strong is Clayman and what is the relationship between Clayman and Milim? Whether Clayman dies in the battle with Rimuru?

What Is Float? Did Deku Awaken a New Quirk?(MHA)


My Hero Academia has unveiled a new quirk for Deku called Float. What Is Float in My Hero Academia? How Strong is Float?

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