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What Is Float? Did Deku Awaken a New Quirk?(MHA)

My Hero Academia has unveiled a new quirk for Deku called Float. After Black Whip's reveal, the audience is quite curious to see whether Midoriya succeeds in awakening.

One for All is already enough to make Deku overpowered, and with the addition of new quirks, his potential is limitless. Izuku has just barely begun using Black Whip efficiently, thanks to his training with Endeavor, and he's already awakened a new one! While manga readers are clear on the details, the others are left in the dark.

How Deku got the quirk and from where are just a few of the many questions people are asking.

Furthermore, fans are doubting the validity of the new quirk - Float - and its usefulness.

Will this quirk allow Midoriya to evolve into Superman finally, or will Horikoshi surprise us once again? Let's dive right into it!

What Is Float in My Hero Academia?


Float is Nana Shimura's quirk that Izuku Midoriya has inherited via One For All. It allows its user to float, i.e., basically levitate in the air. Float has evolved throughout the generations of One For All users and is at its peak right now.

Float shares many similarities to All For One's stolen ability - Air Walk. However, many believe that Nana's quirk has been boosted within One For All's core and grown powerful enough to allow actual flight. Like Black Whip, Float is among the six quirks that Deku will awaken.

The reason for this is that One For All is a combination of the Transference and the Power Stockpiling quirk. This means that the core of One For All contains the quirks of all of the previous users. Furthermore, they have been significantly enhanced due to the nature of One For All's core stockpiling power. When Midoriya ingested All Might's hair, he went from being quirkless to gaining six in the form of One For All.

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Who is Nana Shimura?

Nana Shimura was All Might's former mentor and the seventh user of One For All. She was host to another quirk of her own called Float, which has now been passed down to Midoriya.

Nana was a kind woman with a strong sense of justice. She became the seventh user of One For All and did her best to act as an honorable Hero. Shimura found a quirkless Toshinori Yagi and practically helped him become the "Symbol of Peace" - All Might. In her lifetime, she also married and had a son. However, tragedy struck, and her husband was killed.


To shelter her child from harm, Nana left him in the care of a foster family, forbidding Gran Torino (her good friend) and All Might from contacting him. Ultimately, the result was that her grandson - Tomura Shigaraki - became a villain. Like many other One For All inheritors, Nana was ultimately killed by All For One.

Midoriya inheriting All Might's master's Float along with One For All has significant emotional and symbolic meaning. Deku's awakening will inspire both of them to work hard enough to achieve a future where the former becomes the Symbol of Peace.

Can Deku Use Float?

Deku can use Float quirk according to chapter 283 of My Hero Academia manga. He awakened Nana Shimura's ability when facing Shigaraki. After the villain touched the ground and activated his Decay, Deku floated into the sky and lifted everyone to safety.

Before the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, Midoriya had just barely gained control over Black Whip. However, after seeing Shota injured, Izuku's rage took cover. He started fighting against Shigaraki, whose body couldn't keep up. Once the villain's regeneration kicked him, he attempted to use his Decay to finish everyone off.

It is at this point that Deku awakened Float and was suspended midair. Combining this ability with Black Whip, he snatched everyone up, thus avoiding Tomura's attack.
After awakening the quirk of the fifth user, Deku has finally moved onto the next one. While Shigaraki is becoming stronger than ever, this fight has shown that Deku is not too far behind.

How Strong is Float?

Float is neither an attack nor a defense-type quirk, so it cannot be considered powerful in that aspect. However, it is still one of the most valuable quirks in My Hero Academia, at least for Midoriya.

After evolving within One For All's core, it is believed that Float might allow its user to truly fly and not just suspend themselves in the air, i.e., a more efficient version of him moving through the air by punching and kicking it.

With this quirk, Deku could easily propel himself and fly, just like he did when using 100% of One For All, except with much less effort. He will also be able to carry things while flying, unlike All Might, who relied on altering air pressure to "fly."

Deku awakened Float because it will be his most useful asset when interacting with Shigiraki in the future. Through this quirk, he can avoid the risk of being disintegrated. It is less exhausting than continuously flicking his fingers to stay midair, plus, when used with quirks like Blackwhip, Float allows Deku more mobility in battle.

However, many fans are on the fence about Deku gaining Nana's quirk. For them, the concept of kicking air so hard it propels you is so much more interesting than flying or floating. Furthermore, judging by Bakugo's reaction, it seems that Deku won't be soaring through the skies freely. Horikoshi surprises us like always, so let's see whether he will nerf Float in a way that'll make it just as interesting as other quirks.

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