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How Strong is Clayman - Clayman vs Rimuru!

TenSura’s season 2 part 2 is set to release this summer, and we are finally getting closer to receiving some answers.

Episode 12 of season 2 left with the Beast Kingdom Eurazania destroyed and Carrion defeated by Milim and Demon Lord Frey.

Thankfully, the citizens had already evacuated and taken refuge in Tempest. By the end, we were informed of Clayman's involvement and influence on Milim's actions.

What could he possibly do to affect the True Demon Lord Milim?

Fortunately, with the upcoming release, Clayman’s motivations will be soon revealed. For those like me who cannot bear to wait any longer, let’s treat ourselves to some spoilers and much-needed answers!

Who Is Clayman? - His Purpose

Clayman is Demon Lord Seed and a member of the Ten Great Demon Lords.

Despite being one of the weakest, he is infamous for his cunningness. Clayman’s malicious deeds include but are not limited to manipulating others like dolls. He treats everyone around him horribly and only values people on a scale of how useful they are to him.

The only exception to this is Kazaream — his creator and the Moderate Harlequin Alliance. Not only did Kazaream help him accumulate enough power to become a Demon Lord Seed, but he also acquired Clayman a seat among the Ten Great Demon lords 300 years ago.

After this, however, Clayman started hunting down Majin and monsters and stole their hearts, quite literally. He inscribed curses onto their hearts and made them his eternal servants. And if that isn’t cruel enough, he did the same to his subordinates.

The question that now arises is what does Clayman hope to achieve by doing all this? What is his purpose? Surely not world domination, right? Well, it turns out that Clayman is indeed bold, or rather, dense enough to aim for exactly that.

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What Is Clayman’s Relationship with Milim?

Demon Lords

What matters right now is not whether Clayman wants to take over the world but where Milim fits into his equation. 

Clayman takes control of Mirim and forces her to declare war on Carrion's beast kingdom of Eurazania. And Milim defeats Carrion (not actually defeating him).

Unfortunately, he failed and instead indirectly helped Rimuru Tempest, his enemy, become one. Realizing his lack of power, Clayman decided to enlist the help of Milim, regardless of her wishes. He used the orb of domination that he received from Kazaream on Milim, thus gaining control over her. Clayman then threatened Frey using Milim's power and forced them both to destroy Carrion and Beast Kingdom Eurazania.

Thankfully, Milim wasn't really under Clayman's control due to her special skill and was only pretending to find out his plans. She warned Eurazania in advance before attacking, thus causing Clayman unable to kill even a single citizen.

How Strong Is He? - Clayman Vs. Rimuru

Clayman and Moderate Clown Troupe

Clayman is strong enough to be considered one of the ten Demon Lords and a Demon Lord Seed.

Despite being physically weaker than the other Moderate Harlequin Alliance members, his strength lies in his intelligence and strategic abilities.

Clayman has a few unique skills, such as Puppeteer, that enable him to convert information into encrypted communications.

He can also use Marionette Dance, allowing him to make dolls out of the majins whose souls he stole. These dolls can regenerate again and again if destroyed, and their only weakness lies in their souls. Other than these, Clayman is also proficient in the Intrinsic Skill of Walking Dead, making him immortal as long as his soul is intact.

While he is indeed powerful, Clayman’s skills are as vile as he is. Fortunately, he is one of the weakest Demon Lords and does not stand a chance against Milim or even Rimuru. The only reason Milim accepted his orders was to infiltrate Clayman’s ranks and find out what he’s up to.

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Is Clayman Dead?

Clayman died during the Walpurgis Banquet after his plans were revealed.

He was killed by Rimuru Tempest, despite pseudo-awakening himself.

Despite failing in his schemes against Rimuru, Clayman believed that the former was actually weak and only had Veldora’s resurrection to his name. Due to this, he called for a Walpurgis Banquet in order to put Rimuru down. Ramiris herself invited Rimuru to the banquet with the other demon lords' agreement in a strange turn of events.

Pleased with how things were going and still under the illusion that Milim was under his control, Clayman sent his army along with Milim's followers to attack the Jura Tempest Federation while he went to the banquet. However, his plan was soon revealed, and Clayman was manipulated into pseudo-awakening himself. While he did manage to grow stronger, Clayman was not a match for Rimuru, who ended up killing him.

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