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What Is One for All? – Everything You Need to Know About the Quirk!(MHA)


One For All allowed Midoriya to turn from a powerless boy into a Hero in the making. While the world of My Hero Academia has showcased hundreds of quirks, OFA still stands out amongst the rest. Not only can it be transferred, but it becomes stronger with each generation.

While the series never explicitly stated what type of quirk One For All was, there had been countless fan theories. Some linked it to All For One, while others related it to the result of a scientific experiment. Thankfully, since then, the manga and anime have finally revealed the true nature of One For All, and it's shocking, to say the least!

What Is One For All?


One For All is a combination of the Transference Quirk and the Power Stockpiling Quirk.
It allows its current user to pass, i.e., transfer the quirk to another person. Since it also has the ability to stockpile, every OFA user gets access to the innate quirk of the previous one.

Like fans predicted, the quirk One For All is indeed related to All For One. As it turns out, the original AFO user stole a Stockpiling quirk and forcibly gave it to his younger brother, who was assumed to be quirkless. However, as fate would have it, the latter unknowingly already possessed a quirk. This hidden quirk had no great power except the ability to be transferred to any person.

This Transference quirk and the Stockpiling quirk All For One gave his brother combined to form what is now known as One For All.

One For All allows its user to stockpile massive amounts of raw power and enhance their physical abilities to superhuman levels. Not only that, but OFA can also boost the innate quirk of the user, i.e., if they have one. Furthermore, due to its stockpiling nature, the core of One For All grows in strength throughout generations, and the quirks of all users and their consciousness merge into it.

As to how Midoriya ultimately ended up as its user, well, we all owe it to the heroism of All For One's younger brother. Due to his strong sense of justice, he tried to defeat AFO, and upon failing, passed it down to the next generation in hopes that they could succeed. Due to this, an enmity developed between All For One and the future generations of One For All.

While AFO killed almost every OFA user, he failed to prevent them from passing the quirk to the next person.

Currently, Midoriya Izuku, aka Deku, is the ninth user of One For All. This transference of the quirk through nine generations has made it stronger than ever.

This means that right now, Deku has access to the quirks of all of the previous users.

Furthermore, they have been significantly enhanced due to the nature of One For All's core stockpiling power. When Midoriya ingested All Might's hair, he went from being quirkless to gaining six in the form of One For All.

Can One For All Be Stolen?

One For All can be stolen if the will of the person attempting to steal is stronger than that of the user. While One For All has the ability to resist All For One as long as the current and previous users' will is powerful enough, it is not entirely immune.

After All For One experienced his younger brother’s power, he attempted to steal One For All twice and failed both times. The reason for his failure is that the quirk itself was borne out of a powerful desire and will to counter All For One. Due to this, the only way it could be stolen was if the thief's will was strong enough to counter and even surpass it.

In the recent chapters, All For One once again tried to steal One For All from Midoriya by transferring a copy of his consciousness as well as his ability to steal powers to Shigaraki. He used Tomura’s rage and hatred to overpower One For All; however, it wasn't enough.

Although All Might did say that One For All could only be transferred if its holder willed it to and that it couldn't be stolen forcibly, it is believed that he was specifically talking about the quirk being transferable through DNA. Furthermore, with the recent attempt by All For One, one can be sure that as long as Shigaraki maintains his rage and grows stronger, the One For All being stolen is a real possibility.

Who Were the Previous One For All Users? – Their Quirks & Strength!

1.   All For One’s Brother

The first user of One For All was All For One’s younger brother. While he was thought to be quirkless, he possessed a quirk whose only ability was that it could be transferred to another person.

In the beginning, All For One cared deeply for his younger brother despite insulting and imprisoning him. While his brother (OFA) had a strong sense of justice and despised his brother's evil deeds in hopes that he would join his side, All For One forcibly gave him a power stockpiling quirk. This act of his resulted in the creation of One For All, and his younger brother became the very first holder.

2.   Unnamed Holder

The quirk of All For One’s brother – One For All - was passed down to an unknown successor. Thus, the second user’s identity is still a mystery to the audience.

3.   Unnamed Holder

The second holder passed down one For All to an unknown successor. Thus, the third user's identity is still a mystery to the audience.

4.   Hikage Shinomori

Hikage Shinomori was the fourth user & holder of the One For All quirk. Like the rest, he was also a Pro Hero who made it his mission to defeat All For One. However, he did so by spending his life strengthening the quirk and passing it down onto the following user.

The fourth One For All user possessed his own innate quirk – Danger Sense. This quirk allowed him to sense incoming threats, thus giving him time to react efficiently. However, due to his possession of multiple quirks, Hikage’s life force was being eaten away. Ultimately, he passed away at 40, unable to bear the burden of the quirks.

5.   Daigoro Banjo

Daigoro Banjo, also known by the Hero name Lariat, was the fifth user of One For All. He also had another quirk known as Black Whip. Lariat was killed by All For One after transferring One For All to the following user.

Daigoro was entrusted the quirk One For All by the fourth user Hikage Shinomori. He was often described as being super funky, referring to both his stylish hero costume and behavior. While not much is known about his personality and strength, he can be assumed to be extremely powerful. As a Pro Hero and a One For All user, he was strong enough to battle against All For One, despite losing at the end.

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6.   En

En was the sixth user of One For All and a Pro Hero like the previous holders. He had an innate quirk known as Smokescreen that gave him the ability to generate smoke clouds in order to obscure vision. While the extent of his strength is unknown, he was powerful enough to stop All For One from stealing the quirk.

Daigoro Banjo passed down One For All to En after being fatally injured by giving him some blood. Similarly, En passed down the quirk to Nana via his hair after being wounded in battle against All For One.

7.   Nana Shimura

Nana Shimura was All Might’s former mentor and the seventh user of One For All. She was host to another quirk of her own called Float, which has now been passed down to Midoriya.

Nana was a kind woman with a strong sense of justice. She became the seventh user of One For All and did her best to act as an honorable Hero. Shimura found a quirkless Toshinori Yagi and practically helped him become the "Symbol of Peace" - All Might. In her lifetime, she also married and had a son. However, tragedy struck, and her husband was killed.

To shelter her child from harm, Nana left him in the care of a foster family, forbidding Gran Torino (her good friend) and All Might from contacting him. Ultimately, the result was that her grandson - Tomura Shigaraki - became a villain. Like many other One For All inheritors, Nana was ultimately killed by All For One.

8.   Toshinori Yagi

Toshinori Yagi, or better known by his hero name, All Might, was the eighth user of One For All quirk. Toshinori was born quirkless and yet, dreamed of creating a world where everyone could smile and live happily. In order to make it a reality, Nana passed One For All down to him.

Using his mentor’s death as fuel, All Might went to the United States and gained enough experience and strength to become the number one hero. Furthermore, he became the first One For All user to defeat All For One; and even that, he did twice.

However, during his fights, All Might was severely injured and unable to fulfill his promise as the Symbol of Peace. The appearance of Midoriya, a boy who reminded him of himself, only served to fasten his retirement.

9.   Izuku Midoriya


Izuku Midoriya is the ninth and current user of One For All and the protagonist of My Hero Academia. He was quirkless before All Might passed down One For All to him due to their similarity.

Hoping to become the number one hero and the Symbol of Peace, Izuku worked hard to control the quirk despite countless injuries to his body. Over time, he has become more adept and can now unleash great strength. Furthermore, Midoriya is the first One For All user to unintentionally contact the previous users and gain access to their quirks.

All the One For All holders have placed their hope in Midoriya to put an end to All For One, as he might very well be the last generation of OFA due to the growing power of the quirk and the decrease in quirkless individuals capable of sustaining it.

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How Many Quirks Are There in One For All?

There are currently six quirks in One For All due to its stockpiling nature. All the previous holders’ quirks are stored and enhanced within the core of OFA.

While there have been eight generations of users before Deku, there are only six quirks present in One For All because the quirk present in the first user merged to form OFA, and the eighth user, All Might, was quirkless.

The Quirks present in One For All are as follows:

1) Danger Sense

This was the innate quirk of the fourth One For All user, Hikage Shinomori. It allows the user to detect nearby threats, thus allowing them plenty of time to react efficiently.

2) Blackwhip

Blackwhip was the innate quirk of the fifth user, Daigoro Banjo. It allows the user to create wisps of dark energy from their body and control it at will.

3) Smokescreen

Smokescreen was the innate quirk of the sixth user of One For All, En. It allows the user to generate thick clouds of smoke that can be used to block vision.

4) Float

Float was the innate quirk of the seventh user of One For All, Nana Shimura. It allows the user to levitate in the air.

5) Unknown quirk

Innate quirk of the second user of One For All.

6) Unknown quirk

Innate quirk of the third user of One For All.

Does Deku Have Multiple Quirks?

Midoriya Izuku, aka Deku, has multiple quirks. To be exact, he has six different types of quirks that initially belonged to the previous holders of One For All. However, depending on how you see it, these quirks can be considered to be a part of One For All, making it so that Midoriya only really has one quirk.

As mentioned before, due to the stockpiling and transference nature of One For All, the innate quirks of the holders are stored within its core and passed down to the following user. Midoriya is the first OFA holder to actually gain access to these quirks and use them to will.

He has currently mastered Blackwhip, the innate quirk of the fifth user - Daigoro Banjo and Float - the quirk wielded by All Might's mentor, Nana Shimura. Deku is also steadily improving and gaining control of Smokescreen – the quirk of the sixth user, and Danger Sense, the quirk initially belonging to the fourth user. It is predicted that by the end, Midoriya will unlock the remaining two quirks as well.

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