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What Is Black Whip? Does Deku Have a New Quirk? My Hero Academia(MHA)


My Hero Academia has unveiled a new quirk for Deku called Black Whip, and, with the release date of season 5 inching near, fans can't wait to see it in action.

One for All is already enough to make Deku overpowered, and with the addition of a new quirk, his potential is limitless. While manga readers are clear on the details, the others are left in the dark.

How Deku got the quirk and from where are just a few of the many questions people are asking. Furthermore, fans are doubting the validity of the new quirk - Black Whip - and its usefulness. So, without further ado, let's get right into it and answer these questions!

What is Black Whip? – Deku's New Quirk!

During the joint class training exercise, under pressure, Midoriya started to tendrils of dark energy. At this point, he lost all control, forcing Hitoshi to use his Brainwashing on him.

After Deku lost consciousness, the fifth user of One For All started talking to him and explaining what was going on.


Deku was unleashing Lariat's quirk - Black Whip - that he gained through One For All. This quirk made its appearance because Izuku's desire to capture Monoma perfectly fits its nature and abilities.

However, how could Deku gain Black Whip - a power that belonged to the fifth One For All user?

While originally One For All was thought to be a quirk that supplied its user with super-strength, the truth is far more shocking! One For All is a combination of the Transference Quirk and the Power Stockpiling Quirk.

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More detail

This means that the core of One For All contains the quirks of all of the previous users.

Furthermore, they have been significantly enhanced due to the nature of One For All's core stockpiling power. When Midoriya ingested All Might's hair, he gained six quirks in the form of One For All.

Who is Daigoro Banjo?

Daigoro Banjo, also known by the Hero name Lariat, was the fifth user of One For All. He also had another quirk known as Black Whip. Lariat was killed by All For One after transferring One For All to the following user.

Daigoro was described as being super funky, referring to both his stylish hero costume and behavior. While not much is known about his personality and strength, he can be assumed to be extremely powerful. As a Pro Hero and a One For All user, he was strong enough to battle against All For One, despite losing at the end.

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How Strong Is the Black Whip?

Now that we are done looking into how Midoriya got the Black Whip and its original user let's talk about something that people are actually concerned about, i.e., how strong the quirk actually is!

When Midoriya first unleashed this quirk, it had already evolved within One For All's core, drastically increasing its power and range.

Furthermore, Black Whip has the potential to become even stronger according to its user's emotions.

When fighting against Tomura, Izuku's anger allowed him to restrain the former despite being unsuccessful before. However, according to Lariat, this is a double-edged sword. While the user's emotions may strengthen the quirk for a while, it can also result in him losing all control.

Daigoro describes

Black Whip as a top-grade Quirk that is optimal for both capturing enemies and increasing one's own mobility.

Many fans have drawn parallels between this quirk and spiderman's ability to shoot webs. While Deku cannot use the original form of Black Whip due to its overwhelming power, he has gained the ability to produce and control a smaller version of it without any physical strain.

By the Paranormal Liberation War Arc in the manga, Midoriya has mastered Black Whip to the level of using it to grapple off buildings and carry large vehicles. He can also use it as a recoil buffer by wrapping the black energy tendrils around his forearm. Not only that, after being inspired by Tsuyu Asui, Deku can produce these tendrils from his mouth, allowing him to fight while being incapacitated.

Black Whip's versatility and power rank the quirk relatively high in the world of My Hero Academia.

It is difficult to imagine how strong Midoriya will become once he gains complete control over it.
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