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Does Shinso Get Transferred Into the Hero Course? What Is His Quirk?(MHA)


Hitoshi Shinso's 'villainous' quirk has given him a few setbacks in U.A., but in the My Hero Academia fandom, he has a following like no other.

Despite his rare appearances, Shinso is extremely popular.

In fact, he gets more attention than even recurring characters in the series. Everything from Shinso's character, design, quirk, backstory, and struggles contributes to the fans' growing interest in him.

However, the main reason behind Shinso's popularity is the fact that he turns tropes on their head by having a "villainous" power while desiring to be a hero. Given his quirk, it is easy to fall among bad influences; however, Shinso unflinchingly works hard towards becoming a hero.

Will he succeed in his goal? Let's find out!

Does Shinso Get Transferred Into the Hero Course?

Hitoshi Shinso will be joining the Hero Course starting from his second year.

After training under Eraser Head, he displayed excellent results during the joint training session. Due to this, he won the approval of Vlad King, Shota, and other faculty members, thus ensuring his transfer into the Hero Course.

After the Sports Festival, Shinso's determination to become a Pro Hero, despite his villainous quirk, gained the acknowledgment of many U.A. teachers. At this point, Shota, i.e., Eraser Head, began training Hitoshi.

To test him before his transfer into the Hero Course from the General Department, Vlad King and Shota had Shinso participate in the joint training session of class 1-A and 1-B.

While Hitoshi lacked direct combat abilities, he showcased excellent camaraderie. He made optimum use of his Artificial Vocal Cords' voice-modifying function by tricking and brainwashing his opponents.

His ultimate plan resulted in the win of his team during the first round.

While Shinso was aware that the joint training session was a test for him, he still acted on his desires by saving Midoriya in order to have a rematch. Despite Hitoshi being disappointed in himself, Shota and the other teachers were satisfied with his skills and attitude, thus allowing him to transfer into the Hero Course starting from the second year.

What Is Shinso's Quirk? – Strength & Abilities

Shinso's quirk, Brainwashing, allows him to dominate and command a person by controlling their minds.

However, this overpowered ability comes with a catch.
Hitoshi can only activate his quirk when the person, aka his target, responds to him verbally.

This quirk of his has been labeled "villainous," leading to him being bullied countless times. However, it is indeed a pretty useful quirk and something that can be quite destructive in the villains' hands. As Brainwashing needs to be intentionally activated, it is a good thing that Shinso still desires to become a Pro Hero.

As overpowered as this quirk may be, there are a few limitations.

While Shinso can control multiple people at once, he can only force one person to do his bidding at a time. Furthermore, due to the fact that he hasn't developed his power yet, Hitoshi cannot control his targets to perform activities that require advanced brain function.

Besides simply brainwashing via verbal responses, Shinso can also deceive targets by using his Artificial Vocal Cords. In doing so, he modifies his vocal tone to imitate other people's voices, thus prompting them to respond and fall under his control.

Once developed to its extreme, Shinso's Brainwashing will easily be one of the most valuable and fearsome quirks in My Hero Academia.
It's no wonder that the teachers are doing their utmost to make sure that he gets transferred into the Hero Course.

How Did Shinso Get Into U.A. at All?

While Shinso's quirk is extremely powerful and dangerous, it does not have much ability to cause literal damage one on one, especially if the enemies are robots. This brings us to the question,

How did Shinso pass the entrance exam and get into U.A. at all?


To get admitted into the U.A., the examinees had to appear for two tests. After passing the first written exam, they were allowed to continue forth to the practical test, where the examinees had to immobilize robots by using their quirks. While Shinso's quirk Brainwashing can work wonders on humans, it is pretty useless in front of robots. 

Shinso got into the U.A. by passing the entrance exam for the General Studies course. During the sports festival, Aizava pointed out that Shinso had applied for both the hero course and general studies but didn't make it into the former due to the exam's limitations.

Is Shinso Eraserhead's Son?

One quick search on the web will point you towards the possibility of Shinso being Eraser Head's son; and a deeper one into the fact that it is untrue.


Eraser Head is not Shinso's father and is instead a mentor to the young boy. Due to the similarities in their quirks and their lack of combat efficiency, he has taken on the role of training Hitoshi so that he may enter the Hero Course.

The reason why Shinso is mistaken as Eraser Head's son is due to their similar character designs. Their brooding personalities, and even their clothes - scarves, match! However, there's a logical reason for the latter. As Shoto has trained Hitoshi, the former's blinding cloth technique has been passed down. In this way, using the supplementary cloth would allow Shinso an offensive-type attack that can directly harm his opponents.

While neither Shinso nor Eraser Head are biologically related, Aizawa's strict as well as sentimental approach towards Hitoshi has made fans gush and dub him as 'Dad-Zawa.'
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