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Top 10 Most Powerful Characters of Class 1-B in My Hero Academia(MHA)


Class 1-B of My Hero Academia is not without powerful characters despite being overshadowed!

Unlike class 1-A, the students here remain relatively similar in strength; however, this isn't that surprising as 1-B's strength is in their teamwork rather than their individual prowess. Still, there are many students other than Kendo and Monoma - the soul of the class - whose quirks and strength rank them pretty high in the academy.

While it is evident for the protagonist Midoriya's class to be in the spotlight, this time, let's take a look at the ten most powerful students in 1-B.

1. Juzo Honenuki

Juzo Honenuki is the strongest member of class 1-B in My Hero Academia. He is one of the few students who got in through official recommendations and has lived up to his potential. Juzo is the MVP of his class, as both his personal strength and teamwork make him a good leader.

Quirk & Abilities

Known by the hero name 'Mudman,' Juzo's quirk is Softening, i.e., he can soften anything (non-living) he touches. The possibilities are endless with this quirk as long as one possesses the ability. As a recommended student, Juzo is highly skilled and has excellent proficiency over his quirk. Like Ibara, he is also intelligent enough to discern his opponent's strategy and act most efficiently.

During the Join Training Arc, Juzo was able to defend against Todoroki and Ida, albeit for a while, before he was overpowered. He also performed well by allowing his teammates to fight to the best of their abilities and managed to draw against the overpowered team from class 1-A.

While Juzo is very underrated, he is deserving of his first place on this list as the strongest character in class 1-B.

2. Ibara Shiozaki

Ibara Shiozaki, also known by her hero name - Vine - is the most powerful female character in class 1-B. She ranked fourth in the U.A. Entrance Exam and achieved high villain and rescue points. Her character design and personality have a lot of similarities to devout Christians.

Quirk & Abilities

Ibara's quirk is called Vines, as it gives her hair vine-like properties. She can manipulate them at will and even detach them from herself. What makes Ibara stand out among all the other students is that this quirk gives her great power and has few vulnerabilities. It is excellent for capture, mobility, defense, and offense! Furthermore, her calm personality and competence make her a difficult opponent.

This is seen during the U.A. Sports Festival when she easily handles Denki Kaminari - an arguably strong member of class 1-A. While it is true that she is later defeated by Ida, it is because of her poor abilities in close quarters. Ibara may be able to prove to be a good match against Ida in the future. Overall, due to her all-rounder quirk, abilities, and potential, Ibara is ranked 2nd on this list - just after Juzo Honenuki.

3. Jurota Shishida

Jurota Shishida, along with Juzo and Ibara, is often dubbed as one of the "big three" of class 1-B, similar to Midoriya, Todoroki, and Bakugo in class 1-A.

Quirk & Abilities

Known by the hero name 'Gevaudan,' Jurota is a literal beast. His quirk - Beast - allows him to transform into a sort of hybrid beast-man, thus massively amplifying his strength, speed, durability, etc. Essentially, he gains more animal-like qualities and becomes wild.

After transforming, Jurota can send a person crashing through the wall or even withstanding Denki's electric jolts. Everything from his attacking power to defense, to sense, grows much stronger.

He comes off as a major powerhouse in the Joint Training battle, as he can destroy his targets with brute strength and ascertain their positions from a mile away. Jurota also possesses excellent intellect and tactical skills that only serve to make him more fearsome of an opponent.

4. Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu

Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu, also known by the hero name Real Steel, is one of the most capable members of class 1-B. He ranked 8th in the U.A. Entrance Exam and had the fourth most amount of villain points.

Quirk & Abilities

His quirk - Steel - allows him to turn his skin into steel. It is pretty similar to Kirishima's hardening quirk. Tetsutetsu is skilled and proficient in using his quirk, to the point where he was able to keep Todoroki busy for so long during their match. This was especially so, considering the fact that his weakness is fire.

Tetsutetsu also faced off against Kirishima, resulting in a draw. During the Joint Training Battle, his power drastically increased, as he was able to pin Shoto down briefly with Pony’s help. Tetsutetsu is one of the most passionate characters in My Hero Academia and does not lack in either power, intellect, or will.

5. Setsuna Tokage

Setsuna Tokage, also known by the hero name Lizardy, is another student who got into U.A. via recommendations. She is exceptionally skilled and is considered to be a great combatant.

Quirk & Abilities

Her quirk is Lizard Tail Spitter, and it allows her to split up her body into 50 maximum pieces. What makes her quirk so fearsome is that Setsuna can control each of these pieces and even regenerate them in case of destruction.

On top of Setsuna's quirk's apparent versatility, it is also very useful in attacking, tracking down opponents, and spying. Furthermore, their small size makes them challenging targets, allowing Setsuna to gain the upper hand.

Tokage’s keen and creative intellect also allows her the ability to use her quirk more efficiently and strategically. She was the one who came up with a highly intricate plan to defeat Bakugo’s team, despite being defeated in the end.

However, despite obviously being powerful, Setsuna is probably the most controversial 1-B character. This is because, when Setsuna was first introduced, she was hyped up as the person who could defeat Bakugo, making fans anticipate their fight. However, the result was a total letdown as the showdown became a one-person show for Katsuki. Their match basically served to show Bakugo's improvement as one of the main characters in MHA.

Nonetheless, Setsuna is a competent individual that deserves 5th place on this list.

6. Itsuka Kendo

Itsuka Kendo, known by the hero name - Battle Fist - is the class representative of 1-B. She is often seen accompanying Monoma and karate-chopping him for his harsh antagonizing words. Kendo is one of the most powerful female characters in 1-B, as she ranked 5th during the U.A Entrance Exam.

Quirk & Abilities

Kendo’s quirk is Big Fist, and it provides her the ability to enlarge her hands to a gigantic size. Her huge fists and raw power can cause massive destruction with a single punch. She is a close-range and melee combatant; however, she does pretty well when it comes to restraining and defense.

Kendo held her own against a member of the League of Villains, mustard, along with Tetsutetsu. Thanks to her ability to parry the gas, others were able to take the opportunity and tackle the villain.

The Joint Training Battle further highlighted Kendo's power, where she faced off against Momo Yaoyorozu and managed to bring the match to a draw. Overall, combined with her techniques and intelligence, it is safe to say that Kendo is a powerhouse.

7. Neito Monoma

Neito Monoma is the soul of class 1-B. Also known by the hero name Phantom Thief, he is often known for antagonizing class 1-A and wanting to topple their popularity.

Quirk & Abilities

Neito Monoma's quirk, Copy, allows him to duplicate and use his target's quirk after physically contacting them. While this quirk sounds very overpowered, it is very situational, ranking Monoma low on this list.

His Copy quirk gives him full access to the target's quirk for ten minutes. Furthermore, he can hold up to four quirks at a time, despite not using them simultaneously. Monoma also cannot copy previously-stored resource quirks such as One For All.

Neito Monomoa's Copy quirk is the strongest in class 1-B. However, it is very situational, and the requirements for the quirk to activate are pretty stringent. Monoma will fare quite well in a team match, but in a one vs. one where his opponent is aware of his quirk, it will be difficult for him to cope. Furthermore, copying a quirk is different from copying the target's experience.

Monoma's quirk could be extraordinary with the right team, but he's also basically quirkless if he's working alone. While not the strongest individually, Neito is the best in class 1-B when it comes to teamwork and strategy.

8. Pony Tsunotori

Pony Tsunotori, also known by her hero name Rocketti, is a skilled member of class 1-B. She is a thoughtful and diligent person and excels in tactical thinking. It is due to Pony's strategy that her team did not lose against class 1-A.

Quirk & Abilities

Pony Tsunotori's quirk is Horn Cannon. It allows her to grow a pair of horns on her head and use them as projectiles. She can also remotely control up to four horns at a time, similar to Hawks. Pony has great mastery over her quirk and primarily uses it in long-range combat. The horn projectiles mobility also makes her one of the fastest students in her class.

During the joint training session, Pony was seen observing and analyzing situations so that she could make the best of her circumstances. She always maintained a cool head, despite losing in the end. In the third match, Pony used Horn Cannon to pin Mezo to the wall and even took Todoroki by surprise with Tetsutetsu's help. However, her abilities still need some polishing.

9. Manga Fukidashi

Manga Fukidashi, aka Comicman, is underrated in the MHA fandom due to his lack of presence. He is actually an incredible character that is a force to be reckoned with. As the series progresses, it is possible for Manga to jump up the rankings quite a bit.

Quirk & Abilities

Manga's quirk is Comic, and it allows him to materialize words out of nothing in the air by merely speaking them. However, these words need to be describing sounds such as 'Bam' etc., i.e., onomatopoeia. The result is that his quirk manifests the effects of the phenomenon that the word suggests.

With his ability to spawn different effects, Manga is one of the most versatile combatants in his class. He excels in offense, defense, and support as well. However, his ability shines best in a group battle, as the quirk is more of a supportive one. This is seen in the second round of the Joint Training Battle, where Manga played an influential role by amplifying Kinoko Komori's mushrooms and separating Momo Yaoyorozu from her teammates.

Currently, Manga is interning under the No. 8 Pro Hero, Wash, and progressing even further.

10. Kinoko Komori

Kinoko Komori, known by her hero name Shemage, is one of the scariest students of class 1-B. She can hinder her opponent without even allowing them to fight back properly. As Monoma said, despite possessing low combat prowess, Komoro could fight back against Tokoyami and incapacitate Jet-Black Hero through asphyxiation.

Quirk & Abilities

Kinoko Komori’s quirk is Mushroom. It allows her to spread various types of fungus spores from her body that will quickly grow into mushrooms after making contact with a solid surface. As seen in round 2 of the joint battle, these spores spread faster in humid climates.

Kinoko possesses incredible proficiency over her quirk, as she can produce spores that can generate hordes of mushrooms to overwhelm her opponents. They also work as a smokescreen to obscure her opponents' vision. Komori's quirk is scary in the sense that she can grow mushrooms inside a person's windpipe itself.

However, this might also act as a double-edged sword. In order to prevent her teammates from being affected, Komori sterilizes them with an antifungal spray first. While her ability is powerful, it isn't bound to work that well when facing most opponents.

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