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11 Titans in Attack on Titan Ranked By Height!

Rod Reiss

The Titans in AoT come in all shapes and sizes. Though most Titans are only as tall as the average tree, the elite ones can grow up to be as tall as 20 storeyed buildings. 

 King Fritz kept these things in mind when he erected the walls shielding Paradis Island. All three walls surrounding the island are exactly fifty meters tall and would do a good enough job at covering the island from a good chunk of these Titans.

 But how many Titans are too big for the wall to contain? Here's a list of Titans and how tall they are next to the walls around Paradis!

11. Cart Titan — Four Meters

 At the height of four meters, Pieck's Cart Titan is the shortest of the Titans in AoT.

 Though it does have a relatively long torso, Cart appears much shorter than the others since it travels on quadruples. 

 For the most part, this Titan isn't of much threat to the humans since it's not built for battle. Instead, the Cart Titan is better suited for espionage work and missions that require long hours of travel.

 Next to the walls, the Cart Titan doesn't appear to be of any significance.

10. Jaw Titan — Five Meters

 Only a meter taller than Cart is the Jaw Titan. In both Ymir and Porco's versions, the Jaw Titan is about five meters tall — which makes it about ten times smaller than Wall Maria.

 However, Jaw's size makes it the fastest amongst its brethren! The Titan is undefeated when it comes to speed and agility.

 While this Titan would do well enough in battle, it wouldn't be able to tackle the walls. It could potentially create cracks in it with its jaws, but the structure would still manage to protect the humans inside without crumbling.

9. Bean Titan — Seven Meters

This is one of the only two Pure Titans on this list! 

 Hange Zoe captured the Bean Titan during the reconquest of Trost District. This Titan was exactly seven meters tall, and it displayed all the traits of an average Titan.

 Bean wasn't intellectually capable of complex actions, and it exhibited a loss of energy after being deprived of sunlight. This made it very harmless against the wall — both in size and strength. 

 Though Bean would be able to target and eat defenseless humans, it wouldn't stand a chance against the tall walls of Paradis. So, like every other Pure Titan, Bean would be left out. 

8. Founding Titan — Thirteen Meters 

Unlike the name and its history suggests, the Founding Titan isn't the most overwhelming in terms of physicality.

At thirteen meters tall, the Founding Titan falls into the 'average Titan height' category (the average height being seven to fifteen meters). But, unfortunately, its height doesn't grant it any exceptional advantage against the wall, and it's still relatively tiny compared to it.

 Of course, Founding Titan could summon other taller Titans to bust the walls down for it. But if it were to rely on its own strength, the Founding Titan is much less of a physical presence compared to the others on this list.

 Overall, it's a pretty decent height, but not good enough.

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7. Female Titan — Fourteen Meters 

 The Female Titan is another Titan that falls strictly in the average height range. At fourteen meters, this Titan is barely taller than the Founding Titan. Against a wall like Maria, Female Titan is very small. 

 However, we know that Annie Leonhardt's Female was capable of cracking the walls enough to reveals the face of the Wall Titan, which is why we can't underestimate its strength. It may not be able to do significant damage, but its hardening will be able to do severe damage to the walls.

6. War Hammer Titan — Fifteen Meters 

 The War Hammer Titan is roughly as tall as the Attack Titan, which means it falls somewhere in the fifteen-meter category.

 As one of the most deadly Titans, War Hammer should be able to take down the three walls, but it's still theory.

 This Titan specializes in simultaneous weaponry creation, and that might play into its advantage during a fight, but you can't tell if it'll work against the walls. As far as its height is concerned, the War Hammer is only a meter taller than Female Titan, which doesn't give it any ridiculous advantages. 

5. Attack Titan — Fifteen Meters 

Eren Yeager's Attack Titan is also fifteen meters tall, which doesn't make it look very intimidating next to the walls. In fact, when it's standing next to a wall, the Attack Titan looks like a human-sized creature. 

 However, this Titan is one of the most versatile Titans on this list. With a remarkable ability to adapt to its opponent, the Attack Titan holds a ridiculous amount of strength and has superior regeneration abilities to complement its berserk style.

 All of this hints that the Attack Titan could probably punch a hole in the wall if it tried. And its size makes it more lethal in a fight.

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4. Armored Titan — Fifteen Meters 

 Reiner's Armored Titan may lack height against Wall Maria, but it's proven that it can do damage nonetheless.

 Despite being only fifteen meters tall, the Armored Titan was able to break the wall with relative ease. This Titan's strength overwhelms its opponents thanks to its ability to harden its skin.

 Of course, strictly speaking of heights, the Armored Titan isn't much special from the Attack Titan or War Hammer. But its strength gives it a clear advantage, resulting in the fact that the wall isn't the safest option with this mad Titan in town. 

3. Beast Titan — Seventeen Meters 

At seventeen meters tall, Zeke Yeager's Beast Titan overshadows all of the previous Titans.

 Thanks to its elongated limbs, the Beast is also stronger at melee combat than most would give him credit. But at the end of the day, its affinity for throwing boulders on its enemies and crushing them under it is unrivaled.

 This Titan's size also makes him look like the most worthy opponent to the wall, and given a large enough boulder; he'd probably be able to hit the wall with such strength; the wall will have no choice but to crumble.

2. The Colossal Titan — Sixty Meters

Colossal Titan is sixty meters tall, making him ten meters taller than the walls. Do the math, and you'll realize that the Colossal Titan is at least three times taller than Beast Titan. Even at ease, the Colossal Titan's head looms over wall Maria, and it can knock the wall down with a single kick.

 This overwhelming strength makes the walls look like a giant Lego set for Colossal Titan to play with. No matter what approach you try, it's impossible for wall Maria to detain a Colossal Titan. The wall will crumble.

1. Rod Reiss Titan — Hundred and Twenty Meters!

Rod ReissThe Rod Reiss Titan is the largest Titan in the entire AoT universe. The Titan stands at a baffling hundred and twenty meters tall, which is twice the size of a Colossal Titan, and it makes the walls look pathetic.

 It's like building a house of straw to protect you against a tornado— utterly pointless. The three walls of Paradis aren't even half the size of Rod Reiss; the Titan could pluck humans inside the wall from their places like it was playing with miniature figurines. 

 The reason this Titan is so big is that it's an abnormal Titan. Abnormal Titans are created when the carrier has strong goals in mind. For Rod Reiss, the goal was to return the Founding Titan to the Reiss family. So, to match the Founding Titan's powers, Rod Reiss transformed into the most significant Titan humans would ever see.

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