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Why is the Ackerman Family so Strong? - Their Special Power!

The Ackerman family has always dominated the Attack on Titan world thanks to their unique abilities. The blood passed down from generation to generation gives the members of this family strength that rivals the Titans themselves. However, while their powers make them an instant hit among fans, many don't know the dark history surrounding this clan and the source of its strength.

What is the Ackerman Family?

The original Ackermans were superhumans created in an experiment involving the Subjects of Ymir and Titan Science. They were designed to protect the King of Eldia and ensure the survival of their people and long served as the Empire's closest advisors.

After the Empire's collapse in the Great Titan War, however, the Ackermans refused to serve a monarch that brainwashed its people into believing a false idea of peace. Threatened, the King ordered the Ackermans to be persecuted. However, at the brink of extinction, the head of the clan agreed to be beheaded in exchange for the safety of his people and children.

To protect the younger generation from facing execution, the remaining elders hid the clan's history from them, resulting in most Ackermans being unaware of life before the Walls. Unfortunately, even then the Ackermans were pursued leading to many seeking refuge in the Underground City.

All of this only stopped after Uri Reiss apologized for the actions of the prior monarchs on the Ackerman family and accepted Kenny as his right-hand man.

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Popular Members of the Ackerman Family

Mikasa Ackerman

Being one of the primary protagonists, Mikasa is the most popular female character in the entire series. Mikasa has Ackerman blood in her from her father's side and had awakened the dormant Ackerman strength very early on in her life.

Despite her young age, Mikasa is a skilled tactician and an even better combatant. She was described as highly valuable to the military and was said to be "as good as a hundred average soldiers."

Levi Ackerman

Despite not being the main protagonist, Levi is by far the most popular character in the entire Attack on Titan franchise.

Levi is an expert at 3D Maneuvering and is said to be stronger than an entire brigade. Though it's unclear when Levi has long awakened the Ackerman power.

His incredible strength and inhuman speed were evident when he took down Anne Leonhardt in her Titan form, something that hundreds of men together couldn't accomplish. Thanks to this unrivaled power, Levi is celebrated as "humanity's strongest soldier."

Kenny Ackerman

Kenny, also known as Throat Slasher Kenny, was a former serial killer before he switched careers to serve the royal Reiss family.

It's unknown when, but Kenny (according to Levi) awakened his Ackerman powers off-screen. Kenny was known throughout the Underground for having killed well over a hundred men, and most of them were rumored to be members of the military.

If Annie retreating to the sewers at the sight of him is any indication, Kenny was one of the strongest men the Empire ever had to deal with.

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Why is the Ackerman Family so Strong?

As a result of the experiments with Titan Science and Ymir, the Ackermans possess the Power of the Titans as humans, without the need to change or morph into Titans themselves. This power grants them Titan-like strength and additional agility and speed that remains far beyond the physical capabilities of average humans. 

Once "awakened," this power also allows the user to access and gain battle experience from every single user before them through 'paths.' Levi Ackerman describes this power as "knowing exactly what to do." Meaning that once active, the power helps the user develop tremendous battle instincts and guides them to operate on autopilot.

The Ackerman members with these powers are often called 'Titan killing machines,’ given how terrifying they are in action.

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Conditions for the Ackerman Clan to Awaken Their Power

While the Ackerman powers aren't active by default, they can be triggered and awakened under particular circumstances.

 To awaken this power, an Ackerman must be in a life-or-death situation, where they have something they would protect with their life. This triggers the long stuffed instinct in the Ackerman that was originally catered to protecting the King. Though now, Ackermans don’t need to protect the King. An Ackerman must only need a person that they'd protect above all others, it doesn't matter if that person is the King or a peasant.

This was demonstrated when at the age of 9, Mikasa found herself in a life-or-death situation with Eren Jaeger. Eren had rescued her from kidnappers and took down two of the three, but the last one proved difficult.

Convinced that he was going to die, Eren pleaded with Mikasa to 'fight.' Instantly, Mikasa was overwhelmed with strength. She quickly took down the last criminal with a single stab and snapped the floorboard with the stop of her feet.

We still don't know when Levi or Kenny awakened their powers, but both of them confirmed that they had, indeed, awakened the capabilities of the Ackerman blood.

All in all, the Ackerman family reigns as one of the strongest clans in the world of Attack on Titan.

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