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Is Mushoku Tensei Worth Watching?

Since Mushoku Tensei is an extremely controversial anime, we have analyzed it completely to help you decide whether to watch it or not!

Demon Slayer: Does Tanjiro Marry Kanao?

2021/11/28    , , , ,

Though Tanjiro and Kanao liked each other very early in the series, they only fell in love after the war against Muzan and his Twelve Upper Moon. It's unclear how things progressed between them, since the manga ended with them going their separate ways ...

Demon Slayer: Was Tanjiro's Father A Demon Slayer? Why Was Muzan Afraid Of Him?

Tanjuro worked as the resident coalman of his village right up until he died. His immediate family had no knowledge or contact with the Demon World (at least, Tanjiro and the rest of the kids didn't), though it is unclear how much Tanjuro ...

Who Is Koinatsu Oiran? Is Koinatsu Still Alive?

Tanjiro managed to defeat the obi that attacked Koinatsu before springing into a battle with Daki. Daki died subsequently, and it didn't seem like she went back for Koinatsu during the fight. Though it isn't made explicitly clear, we can safely assume Koinatsu survived the night and lived. Given the intensity of the battle and the fact that Koinatsu was a minor character, it's understandable that the mangaka ...

Who are the Oirans in Demon Slayer Anime?


The season will be divided into two arcs: the first arc will be a serialized version of the Mugen Train movie, while the second half will focus on the ‘Yuukaku-hen arc’ from the manga ... this arc will introduce Tengen Uzui, the Sound Hashira, as well as the Three Oirans to the audience.

Best 20 Mystery Anime

Best 20 Mystery Anime ranked by Japanese Otaku!


If you're a fan of unsettling mysteries and need help picking your next watch, here is a list of some of the best mystery anime that Japan has to offer!

Demon Slayer: Does Kocho Shinobu Die?

2021/10/17    , ,

In the Infinity Castle Arc battle of Hashira versus the Upper-Rank Demons, is there really any hope that Shinobu could survive?

Demon Slayer: Tanjiro's Sun and Water Breathing Styles Explained!

Though he was initially trained to use the Water Style, Tanjiro inherited the Kamado Sun Breathing Style from his father. This makes Tanjiro the last known Slayer to use the Sun Style and the only known Slayer who switches between two styles.

Top 20 Moe Anime ranked by Japanese Otaku!


Though traditionally moe animes have been about "cute girls doing cute things", the genre has since expanded to accommodate a lot more. Moe animes these days tend to center around a variety of fuzzy elements ... let's take a look at some of the best moe animes I've watched!

Demon Slayer 2: Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui Explained!

2021/10/17    ,

Today, let’s look into Tengen’s character and answer questions like, is he the strongest Hashira? Why does he have three wives? What are his strengths and breathing forms?

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