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Spoiler Demon Slayer Season 2, Entertainment District Arc


Uzui decides to recruit Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke in their stead. Reluctant but complying, the young trio of slayers (along with little Nezuko) follow the Sound Hashira to Yoshiwara, a famed red-light district/yuukaku-hen, to investigate the disappearances of Uzui’s wives ...

Best Cooking Anime

Top 10 Cooking Anime ranked by Japenese Anime Geek


With stunning artwork and a variety of sub-genres, these top ten cooking-themed animes will stimulate all of your senses to the brink.

What Was Mari's Role in Evangelion? Why Did Shinji End Up With Mari?


Creator Hideaki Anno admitted that Mari wasn't his idea and added her only after a request from one of the producers. However, this doesn't entirely diminish Mari's importance as a character. The point of Mari's character was to help the main cast develop. Being the only one among them without major psychological issues, Mari played the role of the person that helped Shinji and Asuka come to terms with their emotions and trauma.

The 9 Strongest Titans in Attack on Titan - Ranked by Japanese Anime Geek!


The nine Titans have served as the most prominent threat on Attack On Titan. The Japanese geek ranked the strongest 9 titans by strength. Since no two titans are alike, each Titan is firmly locked in a clear hierarchy based on their strength and abilities.

Why is the Ackerman Family so Strong? - Their Special Power!


Why Mikasa and Levi of the Ackerman family are so strong? As a result of the experiments with Titan Science and Ymir, the Ackermans possess the Power of the Titans as humans.

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