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Spoiler Demon Slayer Season 2, Entertainment District Arc

A little after Mugen Train’s record-breaking success, Ufotable announced that Demon Slayer would make a comeback this December.

One of the most well-known debuts in the past few years, Demon Slayer, follows the story of Kamado Tanjiro and his little sister, Nezuko, in the aftermath of an attack that killed their entire family and turned Nezuko into a demon.

Desperate for a way to cure her, Tanjiro sets out to become a Demon Slayer and find the man responsible for his family’s slaughter.

The show’s second season will be adapted based on the Yuukaku-hen arc from the manga and focus on Tanjiro and his team of ragtag slayers as they follow the Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui, into the heart of the murderous district.

If you’d like to know more about the plot and maybe a few potential spoilers, read on as I explain what happens in Demon Slayer: Entertainment District Arc!


What Happens In Demon Slayer Season 2(Entertainment District Arc) ?

Mugen Train

Mugen Train

After the heart-wrenching events of Mugen Train, Tanjiro and friends slowly adjust back into their domestic lives— until they come across Hashira Uzui trying to kidnap young kunoichi and take them on a mission he deems of the “utmost importance.”

When he realizes that the girls are not trained enough for a mission, Uzui decides to recruit Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke in their stead. Reluctant but complying, the young trio of slayers (along with little Nezuko) follow the Sound Hashira to Yoshiwara, a famed red-light district/yuukaku-hen, to investigate the disappearances of Uzui’s wives.


As it turned out, Uzui had sent his wives undercover to Yoshiwara to investigate demon activities in the district. However, after a few successful discoveries, all three of them had stopped replying to his letters.

According to the locals, Oiran Suma (Uzui’s first wife) had run away with a suitor, but Uzui figured that wasn’t the case — he suspected that the demons had discovered his wives, and he knew he’d have to save them before it was too late.


Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke Go Undercover


Uzui dressed Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke as girls and sent them to spy on Tokito House.

Here, Tanjiro met the kind and beautiful Koinatsu — a young Oiran who would soon be wed.



Though welcoming and hospitable, Tanjiro couldn’t help this lingering suspicion that she was hiding something from him. When he tried to pry that information out of the other young girls in the place, Koinatsu told them to stop speaking of the matter, claiming that “such baseless rumors aren’t helping anyone.”

Meanwhile, Zenitsu got tangled with Warabihime Oiran, whom he found menacing. Warabihime, who was known to have quite a temper among the prostitutes, caught wind of Tanjiro and started paying close attention to him.

The investigation continued, and eventually, the trio uncovered that Warabihime was the culprit behind all the murders and disappearances. She was a demon, an Upper Six Rank, and was one of Muzan’s favored minions.

Warabihime Oiran

Warabihime Oiran

Inosuke located the captured people and came across an ‘obi’ — the demon’s detached body part, capable of intelligent actions and communicating with the main body — and had to fight it.

When it looked like Inosuke might lose, Uzui came in and defeated the obi, saving everyone (his wives included).

Meanwhile, Tanjiro confronted Warabihime alone in a one-on-one battle.


Tanjiro Vs. Daki



Warabihime, whose real name was Daki, turned out to be a powerful opponent. Tanjiro’s spirit was inspiring, but he could hardly face a demon of her rank alone.

Seeing his spirit falter, Daki laughed and started to boast. She said that she’d simultaneously killed and fed on seven Hashira in the past, and Tanjiro, a lone lower rank slayer, was hardly a concern for her.

Their fight continued, and Daki injured a bunch of civilians, further agitating Tanjiro. Frustrated and angry, Tanjiro finally resorted to using Hinokami Kagura (the Fire Breathing Style). 

Fire Breathing Style

Fire Breathing Style

Tanjiro poured out all of his remaining energy and struck Daki with all his force. Just when his blade was about to make contact with her neck, Daki morphed her neck into a cloth-like substance, evading the attack. Tanjiro tried to strike her again, but he helplessly fell to the ground with his energy depleted.



Daki stalked closer to Tanjiro, intent on killing him, but Nezuko lept out of her box and hit her on the head. Her Blood Demon Art, also made of fire, managed to overwhelm Daki. 

However, using her powers at such intensity was slowly stripping away Nezuko’s humanity, and every minute that the fight dragged on, Nezuko was being overtaken by her ‘demon ego.’

Thankfully, Uzui came in and took over from Nezuko.

Who is Gyutaro?



Together, Tanjiro and Uzui managed to behead Daki, but instead of dissolving, another demon morphed from her body.

Given their resemblance, it was clear that the new demon, Gyutaro, was Daki’s brother. He shared the position of Upper Sixth Rank with his sister, though he was still considered the primary holder given his superior strength.

Gyutaro wasted no breath and immediately reattached Daki’s head, comforting his sister while doing so. He looked at Uzui and swore to have him dead as vengeance.


Which is the winner between Gyutaro and Tengen?

Tengen Uzui

Tengen Uzui in Demon Slayer Season 2

As Uzui and Gyutaro engaged in a battle, it became clear that the demon had the upper hand.

Gyutaro dodged most of Uzui’s attacks effortlessly, and as the fight dragged on, Uzui realized that to win, they’d have to severe the necks of both demons simultaneously. 

However, Uzui was already gravely incapacitated, having lost both an arm and an eye in the fight, and collapsed as the poison from Gyutaro’s weapons started to get a hold on him.

Tanjiro stepped up, refusing to acknowledge the unbearable pain in his limbs, and charged at the demons again. Inosuke and Zenitsu followed him, and the three engaged Daki and Gyutaro in a deadly fight.

As Tanjiro drew the last of his strength, Gyutaro noticed Tanjiro’s scar change into the Demon Slayer Mark, and his eyes rolled back into his head. This change in demeanour proved to be too strong, as Tanjiro finally landed a killing blow on Gyutaro’s neck. 

At the same time, Zenitsu and Inosuke decapitated Daki.

The three boys let out a wild roar as they over-exert themselves and finally killed the demon siblings.


Daki And Gyutaro’s Childhood

During their final moments, Daki started throwing a tantrum at her brother, saying that it was his fault they lost. Gyutaro snapped and started spewing vicious words at her, blaming her for his miserable life and wishing that she’d never been born.

Tanjiro took pity on them and covered Gyutaro’s mouth because he knew that neither of them meant those things, and he didn’t want their last moments together to be like that.

Daki started crying and yelled out for her brother in her last moments. Gyutaro slipped and called her one last time by her real name, Ume.

Before he died, Gyutaro started recalling his childhood.

Daki And Gyutaro’s Childhood

Daki And Gyutaro’s Childhood

Daki and Gyutaro were born in an entertainment district to a lowly prostitute. Their mother was abusive, and when she died, the siblings considered her death as a relief.

Ume was later taken in by a house to train as an Oiran, and Gyutaro went on to become the place's manager. Things were going great for them until Ume heard a client disrespecting her brother and poked his eye out with her hairpin.

In retaliation, the house chained Ume and burned her alive. She was left to die in a ditch, but Gyutaro got to her in time. 

Upon learning what had happened to his sister, he murdered the higher-ups of the house and took off with Ume.

Gyutaro knew his sister was on the verge of death and ran all around town to try and get her some help, but there wasn’t much anyone could do.

When all hope was lost, the Upper-Rank demon Doma took pity on them and turned them into demons, ensuring their survival.


Who Dies In Demon Slayer Season 2(Entertainment District Arc) ?

Following their battle against Tanjiro and Uzui, both the demons Daki and Gyutaro die in the second season of Demon Slayer. Thanks to Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art (which countered Gyutaro’s poison), the other leading characters make it out alive, including Hashira Tengen Uzui. 

Katanakaji no Sato-hen

The "Entertainment District Arc" is followed by the "Katanakaji no Sato-hen".

The "Katanakaji no Sato-hen" begins with episode 98 in volume 12 of the original work.

※By the way, the original story of Demon Slayer was completed in volume 23, which was released on December 4, 2020.

Tanjiro goes to the village of swordsmiths and meets the love Hashira, Mitsuri Kanroji, and the Mist Hashira, Muichiro Tokito. Fans who cannot wait for the anime adaptation should read the original 12 volumes.


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