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The 9 Strongest Titans in Attack on Titan - Ranked by Japanese Anime Geek!

As the center of a complex narrative, the nine Titans have served as the most prominent threat on Attack On Titan. Since no two are alike, each Titan is firmly locked in a clear hierarchy based on their strength and abilities.

Ymir was a poor slave girl until she fell into that wretched tree hole. In the series of events that followed, Ymir found herself capable of transforming into the first Titan humanity would ever see. She would go on to help the King erect the Eldian Empire, only to be abused as a powerful weapon in the hands of the Eldian Monarchy.

However, just thirteen years after becoming a Titan, Ymir died to protect the King. Upon her death, Ymir's soul was split into nine pieces that were divided among her descendants. The nine pieces of her soul would be known as the Nine Titans — The bane and blessing of humanity's story.

In this list, we take a look at each of these Nine Titans and where they rank based on their levels of strength.

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9. Cart Titan 

Everyone agrees that despite its functional attributes, the Cart Titan is the weakest among its brethren.

The Cart Titan is primarily used for transporting weapons in and out of battle.

Unlike the others, it travels on quadruples and is one of the fastest Titans (after the Jaw Titan), which may be why it's been used as a "cart" for so long. However, despite the unrivaled endurance and resistance, the Cart Titan doesn't grant any significant battle advantages to its inheritors — unless your strategy is to resist or run.

The Cart Titan can, however, be upgraded with equipment like machine guns and battle armor to raise the bar on its abilities. Nonetheless, it's widely agreed that the Titan is more suitable for scouting or infiltration missions rather than front-end battles.

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8. Female Titan 

With an incredible ability to mimic every other Titan's signature attribute, the Female Titan is the classic "Jack of all trades; Master of none."

Apart from mimicking, the Female Titan can also summon every other Titan with its screams. Though this technique proposes a threat to the Titan user, it's helpful under circumstances where the user needs aid against the enemy — should it ever come to that.

The Female Titan is extraordinarily agile and specializes in close-range combat. It can also harden selective parts of its body to strike lethal blows and, unlike other Titans, protect its nape.

Despite all of this, though, the Female Titan's mimicry doesn't exceed the other Titans. And with no other unique abilities, the Titan doesn't perform particularly well against its counterparts.

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7. Armored Titan 

When this Titan first appeared in the anime, it did some severe damage. As its name suggests, the Armored Titan can harden its skin to form armor around itself, making the Titan virtually indestructible and impossible to put down. 

But the applications of this technique go beyond the idea of "defense." Its crystal hardened skin can make the Armored Titan's attack far more substantial than a regular Titan punch. Against other Titans, this immense strength gives the Armored Titan a great advantage at hand-to-hand combat.

 Unfortunately, the heavy armor restricts the Titan's movements, making it one of the slowest amongst others.

The other Titans with agility and speed can take advantage of this weakness and use it as an advantage.

6. Jaw Titan

Despite being the smallest Titan among the nine, the Jaw Titan is by far the most terrifying. The Jaw Titan has a powerful set of claws and jaw that can tear through Titan armor and man-made structures with devastating ease.

Thanks to its small size, the Jaw Titan is also the fastest of the Nine Titans.

The Jaw Titan's speed often catches the other Titans off guard, but if the fight extends for too long, the stronger Titans like the Attack Titan are prone to adapt to it. Similarly, its agility and speed create a deficiency of physical strength. 

 Overall, the Jaw Titan holds both pros and cons in battle settings, but this Titan can land severe damage to the enemy when utilized with mastery.

5. Attack Titan 

The Attack Titan is the only one to have killed two other Titans on this list.

In terms of fighting abilities, the Attack Titan overpowers every other Titan on this list. It holds a ridiculous amount of strength and is known to go "berserk" when triggered.

Though every Titan has access to the memories of its past inheritors, the Attack Titan is unique since it can peer into the memories of its future inheritors as well. This is why almost every inheritor of the Attack Titan is known to fight for freedom — they share a common goal thanks to having been the only ones to see the future.

But just like with the past, the Attack Titan can only access fragments of the future. This leads to inheritors being misguided and causes significant trouble. The Attack Titan also doesn't possess any unique abilities, which forces it to depend on sheer strength.

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4. Beast Titan


Apart from the Founding Titan, the Beast Titan is the only one who can create pure Titans and control them.

Unlike the other Titans, who are primarily deformed humanoids, the Beast is known to take on an animalistic form. The infamous version of the Beast is the ape form, and it's by far the most powerful. 

Apart from hardening, the Beast also has a powerful throw. The Titan often throws enormous objects with great accuracy and destructive strength, crushing its enemies before they can even reach him. And though it's not its specialty, the Beast can also deal some pretty hefty damage in a physical fight.

Thanks to its inheritor, Zeke Yeager's royal blood, the Beast can create Pure Titans and control them to an extent. This quickly puts Beast among the strongest Titans.

3. Colossal Titan

While most Titans fall in the 15-17 meters height range, the Colossal Titan stands at a jaw-dropping 60 meters. Thanks to this massive size, the Colossal Titan is dubbed the God of Destruction.

An obvious advantage of this size is the overwhelming strength that comes with it— this Titan knocked down the outer gate of Wall Maria with a single kick! However, as you'd expect, the massive physical attributes slow the Titan down to a great extent.

But its size is not the only impressive thing about this monster: The Colossal Titan can release large clouds of steam at full force, steam that can burn the skin of its enemies alive.

2. War Hammer Titan

The War Hammer Titan is often called the "Overpowered Titan" because of the sheer power and skills it displays.

The War Hammer's signature skill is creating weapons out of hardened Titan flesh. The spikes it creates can easily lift Titans on it, and it can project them anywhere on the battlefield, giving it the most advantage out of any.

Another significant advantage a user of this Titan inherits is that unlike the rest of the mighty Titans, they don't have to be present inside the Titan's nape. Instead, the War Hammer can encase them in crystal and keep them away from the fight while they control it remotely.

The downside to this Titan is that its stamina depletes faster than any other Titan, but given its strength, it usually doesn't need to stay in Titan form for too long anyway.

1. Founding Titan 

Fans of the show know that there's no Titan that could surpass this one. The Founding Titan is the strongest among the Nine Titans. It can command Titans to obey any of its wishes and can strip them of their powers.

Its scream can also alter the minds of both Titans and humans alike (with the exception of a few human clans), and it can alter the body composition of any Subject of Ymir with ease. Karl Fritz used the Founding Titan to build the Walls by commanding many Colossal Titans to harden their bodies. Furthermore, in previous times, it was also used as a weapon of mass destruction that would slaughter Eldia's enemies.

In its full power, The Founding Titan has the power to wipe out all other Titans.

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