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TenSura: Who is Milim and What is Her True Identity?


Milim is one of the cutest female characters in TenSura, and it's difficult to believe that she holds the position of a True Demon Lord. Instead of looking horrifying, as one would expect from a monster, Milim is the definition of adorable. However, looks can be deceiving as she holds incomparable strength within her tiny frame.

Milim was first introduced in the anime as a potential antagonist but instead became Rimuru's friend and ally.

Who exactly is she? Let's take a look at her true identity and other must-know facts about Milim!

Who is Milim? – Her True Identity!

Demon Lord

Milim Nava is the oldest and strongest Demon Lord in the world of TenSura. She is the daughter of Veldanava, the creator of the world, and has inherited his Dragonoid powers.

Milim holds the 2nd seat in the Octagram and has been recognized as a True Demon Lord.

Although Milim is a mighty monster, she looks like a typical human teenager. With pink twin-tails and black clothing, she has an extremely cute appearance that fans can't help but adore.

Other than her childish looks, Milim also has the personality of one. She is short-tempered and incredibly self-indulgent, but this behavior is only displayed in front of her friends. When facing enemies, Milim becomes extremely serious and ruthless, giving her the name "Destroyer." With that said, let's take a look at Milim's strength and powers!

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How Did Milim Become a True Demon Lord?

Milim becomes a True Demon Lord

Milim was utterly alone before finding Rimuru and befriending him. Despite being born to Veldanava and Lucia, she never saw them and only had a pet dragon as her friend. This pet dragon was a potential vessel that Veldanava wanted to use for his reincarnation; however, it was killed by a nation.

On hearing about her pet dragon's death, Milim went on a rampage. She demolished the country responsible and awakened as a True Demon Lord. Due to her overwhelming wrath and grief, she lost all reason and killed everyone in sight, thus gaining an overpowered skill called "Wrathful King Satan."

Guy Crimson fought Milim for seven days and nights to stop her from destroying everything and causing irreparable damage. It was only when Ramiris arrived that she was finally able to stop the rampage. After Milim regained her consciousness, to date, she has never used all her powers, afraid of them going out of control and affecting her sanity.

How Strong is Milim? - Her Powers & Abilities!

Milim is a genuine Special S Rank Catastrophe-class, making her extremely powerful. In the anime, she is stronger than Rimuru and most characters in TenSura, owing to her identity as a Dragonoid.

As Veldanava's daughter, she has a continuous supply of Magicules, making all of her abilities stronger. Not only can she handle infinite amounts of Magicules, but Milim can also manipulate Stardust - the densest form of energy.

She ascended to the level of True Demon Lord after unleashing her rage on an entire country responsible for her pet dragon Gaia's death.

After this event, Millim gained the skill "Wrathful King Satan", which channels her wrath into energy.

This ability is extremely dangerous because, in the hands of someone with infinite Magicules like Milim, it can cause widespread destruction, as well as the obliteration of stars. She is almost unbeatable and can only be defeated at the hands of someone like Rimuru in the Web Novel.

Does Milim Love Rimuru?

Milim thinks of Rimuru as her only friend and cares a lot for him. They became close friends after her immediate arrival, leading to the former proclaiming the slime her "bestie." Additionally, there have been hints throughout the novel that she might like him romantically.

Milim loves Rimuru and awakened romantic feelings after his ascent to a True Demon Lord.

Rimuru gave her "Dragon Knuckles" to prevent Milim from overexerting her powers, and the latter never removed them ever since. Due to Milim's traumatic experience of her loved one's dying, she wanted to recommend Rimuru to the position of a Demon Lord and give him enough power to protect himself. She has not confessed to Rimuru yet, and it isn't clear whether her feelings are reciprocated.

While it is unclear whether Rimuru has any romantic interest in Milim, he considers her to be a close friend. Rimuru even resurrected Milim's dragon, Gaia, via a simulated soul and helped her reunite with it again. He was also extremely concerned when he thought that Milim was being controlled by Clayman and did his best to look out for her.

Is Milim Nava Evil?


Milim is not evil and is simply guided by her desire to relieve her boredom.

After meeting Rimuru, she has become more aware of her limits and has started to reign in her destructive tendencies.

Milim is incredibly short-tempered, and common sense is completely lost on her. Anything shiny or new attracts her attention, making her a chaotic simpleton. When accompanied by her fearsome strength, this personality makes it easy for Milim to unintentionally cause widespread destruction, leading to her being perceived as evil.

Despite her childish appearance, Milim is more than a thousand years old. After living for so long, she has stopped caring and uses brute strength to gain what she wants. Milim boldly declares her demands and goes on a rampage if they are rejected. However, she is by no means evil. Despite her cheerful and impish persona, she is mature, cares a lot for her friends, and will do anything to protect them.

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