That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Top 10 most popular characters of Tensura in Japan[Ranking]

The popular characters ranking of The Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime!

The Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is a light novel that became popular on the web site "Shosetsuka ni Narou". Who are the most popular characters in Tensura? Read to find out.


1. Rimuru Tempest



37-year-old single guy is reincarnated as a slime

30s Male

The main character is a slime. Many protagonists of another world reincarnation anime are reluctant looking young men, which irritates me. However, when the protagonist slime got the human look, it looks like a girl with blue hair. I always forget that slime is actually a 37-year-old man. He is round and cute, so I choose him.


Slime is too strong!

30s Female

Rimuru, a slime, is a sociable character with a calm personality who can get along with anyone. He values his friends above all else and I sympathize with him. For him the value of life is not equal, so he especially values his friends. The slime returns violence for violence and kindness for kindness. I love Rimuru.

2. Benimaru


Ugly demon becomes handsome Kijin!

30s Male

Benimaru is the son of the chief of demon village and the elder brother of Shuna. Benimaru was originally bulky and had low intelligence before becoming Kijin. However, After Rimuru gave him a name, he evolved into Kijin and became handsome. He is a great character because he can control fire, he's cool, he's handsome, and he's smart.


A handsome member of the great demon tribe.

20s Male

Benimaru is a character with bright red hair, pitch-black horns, pointy double teeth. I like Benimaru's appearance the best. He has a strong sense of justice and is straightforward. Benimaru is such a good character that he is as good as the main character Rimuru.

3. Milim Nava



The potential wife of Rimuru

30 Man

Milim is a very strong demon king contrary to her appearance. Milim has a cute face and small body that make you want to protect her. But actually, she is so strong and that gap makes Milim more attractive.

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4. Shuna



One of the two main heroines of Tensura

30s Male

In my opinion, the main heroines of Tensura are Shuna and Shion. They love and devote themselves to their master, Rimuru, no matter what happens. Their appearance is cute.


Shuna’s ability is amazing

30s Female

Shuna is blessed with the talent of cooking and making clothing. She can do many things and it is amazing. She is graceful and has girlish abilities. I like how she dresses like a shrine maiden, even though her horns bother me.

5. Diablo


Cooler than the main character

30s Male

Diablo has been overwhelmingly powerful from the moment he appeared. He has mastered magic only demons can perform, making him versatile in everything. Honestly, he has more presence and is cooler than Rimuru.

6. Souei



Demon Living in the Shadows

20s Male

Souei is a demon “Kijin” who got his name from Benimaru. Souei is a character who is good at being unrecognizable. Souei is a cool character who swears absolute loyalty to his master but does not bend his beliefs.


Handsome demon

20s Male(Ninja)

Souei is a handsome demon with a quiet character who gets things done well when he has to. He is good at hiding and protecting the main character from the shadows, which makes him look like a ninja. Souei's way of life that he doesn't bend his beliefs is also cool. It makes you want to become an adult like him.

7. Ranga


Loyal to his master even though his father was killed

20s Male

Ranga is the son of the boss of the Wolf tribe. Ranga's father was killed in front of him by Rimuru when he attacked the Goblin village where Rimuru was. Ranga doesn't hold a grudge against Rimuru despite the terrible things that happened to him. I like Ranga's dog-like cuteness. I also think Ranga is very reliable in battle scenes.


8. Shizue Izawa



20s Female

The Ideal Teacher

Shizue Izawa faced a lot of despair, but she lived powerfully. I fell in love with Shizue Izawa because she has the strength of a hero and has the kindness to care for her students. Her sad experience would have easily broken the spirit of any normal person. I admire the way she lived her life.


She is one of the heroines

40s Female

Shizue Izawa was separated from her mother and killed in an air raid in Japan when she was a child. She was reincarnated from her previous life and then forced to develop the power of fire by the Demon King. She killed her friends against her will. It can be said that she had pitiful life, both before and after her reincarnation. But she met Rimuru and his friends and I think it was a satisfying way to die. I like Shizue Izawa, who is also pretty.

9. Gobta


The character who grew the most

40s Male

Gobta is a goblin, so he was the weakest. However, Gobta mastered various techniques with his natural talent. As a result of Gobta's training, he was able to defeat even the top-ranked opponents, which was cool. Who would have thought that he would become so strong, Gobta is awesome!

10. Shion


Shion's suit is eloquent

20s Male

Shion is a female member from the demon tribe, like Benimaru. Shion is unusual for isekai anime in that she wears a suit like an office worker, which is purple in color as well as her hair. Shion stands like a secretary, and I like her because she looks cute holding Rimuru on her chest. Shion also plays an important role in the story.

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