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Why do demons eat humans (children)[The Promised Neverland]

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In anime, The Neverland of Promise, demons are too scary! Why do demons eat children?
I'll answer your questions. This explanation contains spoilers, so be careful.

How demons evolved?

The Promised Neverland

The demons are monsters that eat humans. In volume 120th of the manga, Norman told the reason why demons eat people.

Norman said

a demon must eat people to maintain its shape and form.

No one knows what a demon's first form was. Perhaps the demons were something similar to bacteria at first.

Bacteria increase in number through cell division. But all bacteria that increase in cell division are identical and barely change (clones). Those bacteria somehow underwent some kind of evolution and transformed.

How have such bacteria evolved and transformed?

The point is "horizontal gene propagation".

"Horizontal gene propagation" is not the inheritance from mother cells to daughter cells, but the incorporation of genes from other organisms.

The Promised Neverland

Demons evolve by eating other organisms.

Demons take in the genes of the creature they eat and inherit the traits of that creature. For example, a demon that ate an insect acquires an insect-like body, and a demon that ate a fish acquires a fish-like body. Demons acquired various shapes and traits. 

The demons eventually ate humans.

In this way, the demons acquired a human-like appearance, advanced intellect, language, and culture. Humans became the demon's favorite food, and the demon quickly surpassed humans and became the natural enemy of humans. Ultimately, the demons were evolving and transforming at an astonishing rate and they evolved into apex predators. Humans feared the demons and called them by various names: demon, monster, devil, and god. 

But even a demon is an organism, and the horizontal propagation of genes is not always advantageous.

Demons have a price to pay for evolving too quickly. Because they don't have an original form to return into, demons have to keep eating humans to maintain their human form and brain.

In other words, the purpose of the demon eating humans was to keep its own form and brain intact.


That is the true nature of the demon, Norman said.

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Why Demons eat people?

It turns out that the reason why demons eat humans is that they do not want to lose their appearance and intellectual brain.

The demons had built farms and farmed cattle children so that they wouldn't lose their form and brains.

What a horrible world it is! Demons are too powerful. How would children fight demons?
Demons are genetically the strongest. But Norman targeted the demon's weaknesses.
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